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Lai Yuen Amazement Park Super Summer 2016 Starts Tomorrow!

Disneyland and Ocean Park are among the tourist-favourites of Hong Kong attraction sites. But before these two amusement park even exist, Lai Yuen Amusement Park was the go-to place for dates, fun and excitement. Despite its closure in 1997, the beloved park returned temporarily last year in the...


FunBus Free Bus Ride to HK Beaches (Jun 9 to Jul 31)!

Summer is creeping up on us and the heat is back. With ending school years and a few holidays coming, there is no better time to head to the beach for a lazy, relaxing and fun afternoon. Sunscreen brand Coppertone is offering free bus rides to and from...


Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong’s Best Food Souvenirs

Apart from being a shopping paradise, Hong Kong is also known for its great food. We all wish we can pack delicious dim-sum, wonton noodles and char siu bao (barbecue pork buns) into our bags and bring them back home,  but that simply isn’t possible. This comprehensive insider’s...


South China Morning Post, Free to Read!

Alibaba recently acquired SCMP and in case you didn’t know, it’s free to read online now. Or you can download the SCMP app for your smartphone. Will this influence the news to shed China in a more appealing light? Time will tell but I guess yes. For example:


Uber $50 off per ride through May 3rd

From Wednesday April 27, 2016 – May 3rd, 2016, enjoy a free ride up to $50 HKD from 10:00 to 16:00 every day when you enter the daily promo codes below. (Or take this as a $50 HKD discount for a ride costing more than $50.) If you...


Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong’s Best Souvenirs

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise and it would be a shame to leave Hong Kong empty-handed after a fun vocation. But as a local who was born and raised in this exciting city, I am sad that some of the best Hong Kong souvenir lists out there simply miss...


Uber lowers prices in Kowloon, New Territories, and Lantau

Details appear fairly straightforward, Uber has dropped fares 20% for trips starting outside of Hong Kong Island. Uber dropped fares across North America in January and looks like this trend is spreading worldwide. Hong Kong is the latest city to fall to Uber’s massive fare discounts. Now, depending if...


How to navigate Hong Kong’s MTR smooth and easy

If you have lived or visited other cities, I’m sure one of the first things you would notice about Hong Kong is that it’s incredibly compact, and incredibly convenient. Hong Kong is blessed with one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems, and you can get to most...


Where to Go on Valentine’s Day: Light Rose Garden

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your beloved, or just an empty ritual of capitalism that shames people who are single, there’s no denying that the day has long been marked with cards, chocolates, flowers, fancy dinners and of course, huge...