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We’ve worked hard to become the #1 English language travel blog in Hong Kong. We are travel influencers looking to help you make your travels more enjoyable.

This blog is was created due to the lack of information in English for travelers based in or traveling through Hong Kong. Through this blog I’ve shared with you the best deals, trip reports, tips, and tricks for travelers. I’m also one of those loyalty program point collectors who will do anything to score a free or cheap flight and hotel room for high living at a backpacker’s budget.

Christopher Tin: Founder/Content Manager

My name is Christopher, and as a Chinese-American expatriate, I moved to Hong Kong for a career in the banking industry. Cornell University Hotel School alumnus, I also graduated with my MBA from HKUST. Since moving here, I’ve come to love and call Hong Kong home (along with a few other places I love, New York City and Los Angeles!)

Hong Kong, blessed with a location in the geographical heart of Asia, I had many opportunities to travel throughout the region and world.

I was inspired by my friend Kenneth Lim to create this blog. So shout out to @kennethlimphoto! If anyone has any ideas for postings, wants to write a guest blog, advertise or partner…please contact us here at HK Travel Blog!

Christopher in London

Christopher R.: Senior Writer

Christopher R is a Hong Kong-based writer, originally from the UK, who travels extensively for business and leisure throughout Asia and beyond. His expertise and passion is in marketing and travel.

Patriotic Christopher R (he’s shy)


A travel enthusiast and drone cinematographer, Dom utilize point and miles avidly to allow him and his family to travel extensively. As he was raised in Beijing, he has in-depth knowledge of regional travels around mainland China. He is an infrequent but savvy traveller that would go for the longer route to experience new products. You can contact him by email at [email protected]

Stephen O’Connell

Stephen works full time in Hong Kong, but likes to maximize his time off by exploring interesting places that can be reached (by train, plane, or other means!) over the course of a long weekend from the city.

Previous Contributors

Julia Ferraz: Writer

Julia F. is a Brazilian living in Hong Kong with the objective of discovering Asia, one trip at a time. She writes about travel and cultural experiences in her blog, Live Hong Kong.

Julia enjoying her trip

Frances Sit: Blogger

Frances is a Hong Kong-based journalist/writer/film buff/elephant enthusiast. Her life motto is “try everything once except murder and jail”. She is allergic to being bored and traveling is her solution. She has a weird fascination for dangerous adventures, so North Korea, Chernobyl and South Pole are the top destinations on her travel bucket list. She collects pressed pennies while traveling and sticks all her travel keepsakes on her bedroom wall. When she is not reporting or writing, she would be binge-watching TV shows, catching up on movies she has missed, and trying out new food, recipes and restaurants. You can reach her through [email protected].

Frances Sit: Blogger




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