Uber & Lyft Promo Codes

Get your free rider or driver bonus, details below. I’ll try to keep this updated on a regular basis.

Uber invite code for riders and drivers: theresat1688ue

Lyft promo code for new HKTRAVELBLOG
Lyft promo code for new drivers: CHRISTOPHE835313

Currently I am working with both Uber and Lyft as a Brand Ambassador to sign-up riders and drivers. It’s really fantastic since I get to meet tons of people, help them get rides or become drivers and earn money.

On top of all of that, I get to give Uber and Lyft bonus money away while getting free rides for myself, thanks for your support! Keep in mind Uber is global, but Lyft is in the U.S. only.

E-mail me if you have questions about signing-up or need help with anything.

lyft promo code


Trick: Each phone number can be a separate account.

Uber (Global)

New Uber riders can sign-up for Uber with promotion code christophert601 and get $100 HKD offer their first Uber ride in HK, or if you’re in another country, the amount shows up after you click this link.

Lyft (U.S. only)

New Lyft riders can sign-up for Lyft with promotion code CALLMECHRIS and get a $20 credit for your first ride. Enter promo code in the app under payments.


Uber (Global)

Each city has their own promotional codes and Uber doesn’t disclose all the promotions in one place. Usually it’s a few hundred dollars after 20 trips. Currently in San Francisco is $200 after 20 trips, and Los Angeles is $100 after 20 trips before the end of the month.

Sign-up to be a driver with Uber here and enter christophert601 under invite code. You can always e-mail [email protected] and ask what the promotion is for your city.

uber bonus driver

Lyft (U.S. only) 

Lyft has various bonuses for the cities below. Use referral code CHRISTOPHE835313. Sign-up here to be a Lyft driver.

List as of December 5, 2015.

Referral Amounts and Ride Requirements

City of New Driver Bonus AmountRides Required in 30 days
Las Vegas$50100
Los Angeles$5050
New Jersey$15050
New York City$350100
Orange County$5050
San Francisco*$100100
San Diego$50100
Silicon Valley$75050
Washington, D.C.*$25040

*Bonus amounts and ride requirements may vary in this region depending on the code used to start a driver application. Please Contact Us for details about your application.

The referred new driver must:

  • Start their application to become a Lyft driver during the promotion.
  • Input the referring driver’s referral code in the “Promo/Referral code” field when they start their application or apply using the referring driver’s referral link.
  • Complete the specified number of rides within 30 days of being approved as a Lyft driver. For limited-time promotion programs, the referred driver must still complete the ride requirement within 30 days of being approved. No more than two rides with the same passenger will count toward the ride requirement.
  • If an applicant has an existing application, they are only eligible for the referral amount, if any, associated with that original application, and they are not eligible for any other referral amount.
  • In Boston, Denver, New York City, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. this promotion is limited to the first 1,000 applicants. In Chicago, this promotion is limited to the first 2,000 applicants. In Dallas, this promotion is limited to the first 500 applicants.

E-mail me if you have questions about signing-up or need help with anything. Take advantage of these sign-up incentives and get some free rides or money. Happy Riding and Driving.


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