Trip report: Taipei Taoyuan to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airlines flight HX285, Business Class


This was ticketed as part of a HK Airlines airpass book of tickets, which cost HK$6,300 for three round trip business class flights between Hong Kong and Taipei.

I had originally booked on an early afternoon flight. I wanted to change the other leg of this ticket and tried to do so using the HK Airlines website, but it only offered me the chance to change this leg. I pressed a button which I thought would display options, but instantly confirmed that I had unwillingly changed this leg to the 8 a.m. flight. I immediately called the call centre and explained that I did not want to change this leg but they told me that I had and that the flight on which I had been booked until a couple of minutes previously had no seats available, rather incredibly. They said that I could check availability by calling them a couple of days before departure. At that point I did indeed call the Taipei number office listed on their website, but the telephone line was dead, so I simply decided to stick with the 8 a.m. flight.

For those interested in taking this route, you may be interested in an offer advertised at the checkin counter at Taoyuan, advertising an upgrade on the Taipei to Hong Kong leg for NT$3,150 ($778).

HKA upgrade offer poster (HK Travel Blog)

At the airport

I checked in at Taoyuan airport and the ground agent was friendly and efficient. As always there was a bit of a queue to get through security, something Taoyuan does not seem to crack no matter what the time of day or night.


The flight was operated by an Airbus 330 (registration B-LNW).

HX285 (HK Travel Blog)

The business class cabin had forty seats but was only a fifth full. I had a window seat. The HK Airlines seats are fairly spacious, and came with a pillow and large duvet in place.

HX 285 interior (HK Travel Blog)HX 285 seat (HK Travel Blog)


The flight boarding started close to the allotted departure time but we still pushed back on schedule. It was smooth flying to Hong Kong and we arrived on time, although as we arrived at an outfield terminal it was then a bit of a slog over to immigration.


The crew on this flight was friendly and very bright for a relatively early morning flight. They were proactive and swift in serving, although as the cabin was mostly empty that must have helped them quite a bit.

Food and Drink

I tend to find that inflight breakfasts are not the best meals airlines offer. The breakfast on this flight was good – prettily presented and tasty.

HX 285 menu (HK Travel Blog)

HX 285 drinks list (HK Travel Blog)

HX 285 wine list (HK Travel Blog)

HX 285 spirits and beer list (HK Travel Blog)

HX285 meal (HK Travel Blog)

HX285 entrée (HK Travel Blog)


Again HK Airlines impressed me with this flight. The flight was punctual, smooth and enjoyable. The cabin crew was friendly and proficient and the food decent for a breakfast time flight.


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