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The More Lounge Review, Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Lounge Review: The More Lounge, Terminal 1, Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Cathay Pacific’s lounge in Taipei was closed for renovation until 11 November, so earlier this month when I checked in for a Cathay flight I was directed to a shared lounge called “The More”. It is located on the way towards the B gates, up one storey – just a few yards along from where the old (and the new) Cathay lounges were.

more lounge taipei entrance

This is a sizeable lounge with two main parts, next to each other but each with a slightly different style. The style of the lounge is faux Rococo, a bit like one of those KTV palaces or restaurants in Taiwan or a lower tier city in China. At one level this is a bit overwhelming, but it did also give the lounge a lot of character and made it feel more homely than many lounges, so overall I appreciated the decoration despite its gaudiness.

more lounge taipei seating

The seats are very comfortable although the tables are a bit low for them. There were also a couple of private rooms passengers could use, which for example if travelling as a family or wanting to have an ad hoc business meeting could be ideal. Plus they had very comfortable looking Chesterfields inside.

more lounge taipei seating 2

The food selection in the lounge was very good. They had a wide range of local Taiwanese foods as well as some western options. There was a noodle bar similar to the one in the Cathay lounge although the bowl of noodles I had here had a bit more variety. There was a freezer with Haagen Dazs ice cream.

more lounge taipei chef

The drinks experience was more mixed. There were a decent range of soft drinks, soy milk and the like, with a coffee machine and a draft tap for beer (disappointingly Tsingtao rather than the local brew). The wine choices were shocking, with a “European” appellation and the spirits choices were fair but nothing special, for example Johnnie Walker red label.

more lounge taipei drinks

The lounge had an excellent array of computers, albeit with seats which would not make it very comfortable to use them.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

more lounge taipei business center

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