Review: Corral Lounge, Phuket Airport

Cathay Dragon used to use the Thai lounge at Phuket but now uses the Corral lounge. A number of other airlines also now use this lounge.


The lounge is in the international terminal. After security, it is one level up, quite close to one of the two Thai lounges.


The decoration is rather elegant with wooden detailing and blinds leading to a view of the sea in the middle distance. In that sense the décor feels a bit like a high end French style restaurant in Thailand.

The lounge is fairly small. It is divided into a number of different seating areas but basically has one semi-enclosed space on left as you look in, and one more open space with high tables in the middle.

The lounge offers some basic food and a couple of hot dishes. It also has hot drinks and soft drinks. Foreign brands of draft beer are available free of charge from a small bar area, but wine is chargeable and there are no spirits.

There are no computers or business area and indeed there is nowhere especially comfortable to sit and work in the lounge. There is a selection of local newspapers by the door.

Corral uses toilets located just outside of the lounge.


This is a pretty basic lounge close to what you get in smaller Chinese airports. If you need to spend a little time it is fine but it is not worth going out of your way for, or spending a long time there.

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