Lounge Review: Pura Indah First Class Lounge, Jakarta Airport


The Pura Indah lounge in terminal two of Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatto international airport has a first and business class section. It is used by a wide variety of airlines, including Cathay Pacific.

Lounge entrance (HK Travel Blog)

The first class lounge is, to put it mildly, uninspiring. It is fairly small and has a number of boxy seats, along with a couple of computer terminals. A small selection of international press is available.

Lounge seating (HK Travel Blog)

Lounge seating 2 (HK Travel Blog)
Computer area (HK Travel Blog)

There is a shower.

Food (HK Travel Blog)

There is a selection of primarily local hot and cold food although it was fairly unappetising.

Drinks (HK Travel Blog)

The only alcohol during my visit was one brand of local beer in small bottles. However there is a good range of soft drinks and juices available.
The lounge is functional but not especially comfortable or enjoyable so I wouldn’t make a point of spending much time there unless I needed to do so.


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