Lounge Review: China Airlines Taoyuan Terminal One

China Airlines has flights leaving from both terminals at Taipei Taoyuan and accordingly they have lounges in both terminals. This review covers their lounge in Terminal One.

Taoyuan 1

The lounge is situated after passport control, and up one floor. As you leave passport control, turn right and head along until you see the signpost and stairs and lift. It is on the same level as the Cathay lounge and other lounges.

This lounge is simply stunning in design and execution. There is an extensive use of natural materials, especially wood and stone, and many references to Taiwanese heritage and culture. The overall effect looks beautiful, contemplative and premium.

Taoyuan 2

After the reception there is a long corridor with a wide range of newspapers and magazines, especially local ones.

Taoyuan 3

Even the banquette in the toilet shows the thoughtful detail which has gone into the lounge design.

Taoyuan 4

Next to this there are also a couple of private resting rooms with loungers and dimmed lighting.

Taoyuan 5

Then there is a computer room with two computers. Although there is no printer, when I visited and wanted to print something the staff were obliging in printing it for me (and even bringing it to me just as I was walking over to pick it up).

Taoyuan 6

There are four or five different types of seating in the lounge, including small tables, communal tables, and little semi-private clusters of four chairs along the main walls, each with soft lighting (perhaps too soft to read comfortably) and local historical paraphernalia. Throughout the lounge there are many powerpoints accepting multiple plug types.

Taoyuan 8 Taoyuan 9 Taoyuan 10

As you would hope for from a Taiwanese carrier’s flagship lounge, the food is excellent in choice in quality. They have a bar area serving a variety of local noodles, as well as well prepared Chinese and western dishes.

Taoyuan 11 Taoyuan 12 Taoyuan 13

There are several self-serve drink areas with a decent variety of drinks.

The lounge is big but not cavernous and on my visit was fairly busy. The low ceiling also means that the noise level is higher than one may expect – the designer seems to have tried to ameliorate this with a fabric finish, but the noise is still noticeable.

Overall though, this lounge is a credit to China Airlines – beautiful, thoughtfully designed, with good amenities and helpful staff.

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