Doha Airport Business Class Lounge Review


We previously reviewed the lounge Qatar Airways offers its economy passengers with One World status and bemoaned the fact that they don’t really follow the spirit of One World reciprocity. Instead of letting status holders use their own lounge (as Cathay and many others do) they have created separate lounges for them.

This is true for business class, as well as first class. The good news is that the business class lounge, while nothing special, is adequate. The entrance is immediately next to the entrance of the first class lounge we previously reviewed, up an escalator in the main concourse.

Immediately after entering there are a few newspapers, mainly from the region. There is a handy locker area with decently sized lockers albeit the design doesn’t make it obvious whether they are free. This theme of haphazard design runs through the whole lounge – there are showers, but with no coat hooks or sinks, mirrors or the like inside. The showers are fine though the shower cubicle design lacks thought.
There are a few different seating areas, and a couple of areas with tables and chairs where some waiting staff will help you. There are also a couple of semi-private family rooms – they are blocked off but the door isn’t, with sofas and televisions.

Family room

A darker area has a number of recliners for sleep. There is still a sign for a business centre but regrettably this has been removed, although the reception desk should be able to help you with printing if you need.

The food is plentiful and regularly replenished, though it tends to a snack rather than full meal approach – lots of soup, sandwiches and salads. It tends to be tasty and fresh.

As well as juices and a coffee machine, there is also a small bar at the far end of the lounge. Alcohol is kept out of view but is easily available on request, outside of Ramadan.

As you would expect given Qatar’s model of connecting flights, at certain times this lounge can feel crowded though at least it doesn’t have a boxy design which might accentuate that. The lounge does suffer a bit from the intrusion of flashing LED lights, but nothing like as badly as the adjacent first class lounge. Overall, this lounge works decently well for what it is.


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