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This post is from guest blogger, Hubert, who enjoyed a trip to Cheung Chau, one of HK’s outlying islands.

During a pleasant or hot summer day, Cheung Chau (長洲) is a perfect getaway for a day (or half a day) from the industrial city of Hong Kong.  Cheung Chau is known for its street shops, short hiking trails, and beaches.  It is reachable by ferry (both fast and slow) every half an hour from the Pier 5 of Central Pier.

Ferry Schedule:

One of the hidden jewels of the island is a BBQ/Bar on the back of the island.

The BBQ/Bar is situated right on the beach where it is isolated from the rest of the more general beaches. The BBQ/Bar has two large size (think of a halved oil drum) grills that could easily fit a party of 30 people.  The grills are available for rental but it is much better to have the BBQ/Bar prepare the food instead. The minimum per person is about $150 but the food selection is limited. For about $225 per person, the BBQ/Bar provides Angus steaks, fish, spicy sausages, fruit salad, garlic bread, giant shrimps, chicken wings, lamb, etc.

For our party on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May, we had 11 people where we hopped between BBQing and swimming for more than 5 hours. At the end, it cost us $280 per person, which included all the food and drinks (alcohol, soft drinks, chips, etc.).

Furthermore, the BBQ/Bar has kayaks for rental as well. The owner speaks only Cantonese so better have someone local to help make the reservation.

If BBQ is not your favorite, you can go to the local wet market and purchase fresh seafood, and then bring the seafood to one of the nearby restaurants to have them prepare the dishes for you. From my own personal experience (close to 10 times), it costs about $225 per person but you will have plenty of seafood, vegetable, meat, and alcohol to fill your stomach.
Cheung Chau is definitely one of the local and less known places that you should visit while in Hong Kong.

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