Alaska Airlines Board Room LAX Review


Alaska Airlines has a nice and new Board Room location at Terminal 6 of LAX. While Delta and Alaska operate out of terminal 6, you can also access the lounge from United Terminals 7 and 8 since they’re all interconnected behind security. I was able to access the lounge because I have the Priority Pass card.

Seating area

Seating area

The lounge is located upstairs so you’ll need to find the elevator to access. Once inside you have access to a small amount of complimentary food and snacks, such as soup, salad, and fruit. If you’re looking for a meal, you can order one from the menu at reasonable prices. As you know, I travel frugally, so I stuck with the free soup and crackers.

View from the board room

View from the board room

Overall the lounge is nice since it’s fairly new and bright with large windows. Though the space is a little small, there’s lot of seats and free wifi for you to surf the net. There was also a large LCD TV to watch news or you can read some newspapers and magazines. There’s also a nice cordoned off business center towards the rear where you can work on your laptop with semi-privacy. Go visit if you have time on your next trip through LAX.


Alaska Airlines Board Room

Location: Terminal 6 on the mezzanine level near gate 64

Hours: Daily: 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


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