Taipei Night Bus

How to get from Taipei to Taiwan Taoyuan INT’ Airport late night/ early in the morning

Had fun in Taiwan? If your flight out of the country is late at night/ early morning you might get stranded as most means of transport cease to operate after midnight.

Here is how to get to the airport fast and safe.


Taipei Night Bus

There are several buses that link Taoyuan Airport with Taipei. However, not all operate on a 24 hours basis.

Bus line no 1819 operate 24/7.

Frequency: 15-20 minutes

Trip time: 55 minutes


Ticket are sold at bus counters

If you are coming from the airport you can use shuttle bus which start operating at 6:15 am.

Frequency for shuttle bus: every 15 to 30 mins

Fare for shuttle bus: NT$ 15 one way ticket.

Purchase the tickets at Terminal 1 (B1 arrivals) and Terminal 2 ( Northeast arcade 1st F arrivals lobby) counters .


Taxi in Taipei.
Taxi in Taipei.

Taxi is a good way to transfer from your hotel to the airport. Despite not being the cheapest means, taxi in Taipei is a fast means, and more comfortable.

Note when boarding tell the driver to take you to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport not Taipei Airport (Soghshan), unless you mean to head there.

For safety use taxi approved by Aviation Police Bureau. These are the taxi only permitted to operate in Taoyuan Airport.

Fare: between NT$ 900 –NT$ 1,200 depending on your pick up location.

Trip time: less than 1 hour

You are also free to share ride and pay a flat rate.

Taxi to Taipei

  • Terminal 1 taxi center, call : +886-3-3982832
  • Terminal 2 taxi center, call :+886-3-3983599

Car hire service

If you plan to explore the city of Taiwan as a family, car hire is the way to go. Getting back to the airport will be easy, even late at night.

There are two car rental location in the airport.

Terminal 1: car hire service operate between 6 am and 12:30 pm.

Call: +886-3-3983979

Terminal 2: car hire service operate between 5 am and midnight

Call: +886-3-3983636

What you need for a smooth car hire

  • Have an international driving license
  • Know the rate in prior
  • Best to book/hire the car online prior to your arrival.
  • You can hire car in the above terminal or in multiple car rental services Taiwan online.









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