Cotai Water Jet Ferry Macau Review

Cotai Water Jet is the newer of the two ferry services that run from the Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan between Hong Kong and Macau. Cotai Water Jet docks at the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is actually closer to the main Cotai “strip” in Macau. Here’s my review of my ride, I took Cotai First Class from HKG to Macau, and Cotai Class from Macau to HK.

Purchase Tickets

Ticketing Desk
Ticketing Desk

There’s a few main ways to purchase tickets.

  1. Cotai Water Jet website always has promotions. Currently if you buy an e-ticket directly from them you’ll get either a Free Upgrade or MOP/HKD50 Cash Coupon per ticket. (I’d choose the free upgrade.)
  2. Buy through the ticketing desk at the ferry terminal. This is the best if you need ultimate flexibility. You can simply walk up to the ticket desk when buy tickets on the next boat. Keep in mind you’ll pay full price.
  3. Buy via a travel agent, many of them sell ferry tickets. Some may offer discounts, some may not. You’ll have to shop around, but you can pick up the ticket anywhere there’s a travel agent.

Current fares

Night Sailing*
Cotai Class$165$177$201
Cotai First$225$239$264
Cotai VIP Cabin (8 seats)$1,807$1,915$2,113

Boarding Process

Go to the top level of the Shun Tak Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan. Find the East Bridge and show your tickets. Immigration follows and you’ll go downstairs to the waiting area. Usually there’s barely a line in immigration, particularly if you hold an HKID card. I’d say less than 5 minutes for passport holders, unless you’re traveling during a holiday. You’ll know if you need to wait a long time, you’ll see throngs of people milling about the terminal.

Head down to the waiting room, if you hold tickets for the next boat, the agents will assign you seats by placing a sticker on your ticket with the seat number. (Ask for a middle seat if you get seasick, less rocking.) If you hold tickets for a later ferry, you can standby for an earlier one if there are available seats. Generally, there’s really no need to go into the waiting area more than 15 min before your boat leaves. The waiting room isn’t the most pleasant place to be, and you’re a bit crammed in like cattle.

Boarding will commence a few minutes prior to the departure time, and you’ll be hoarded onto the boat with the huge wave of people. No need to rush here, the boat won’t leave without you and you have assigned seats.

Cotai First Class Cabin

First Class Seats
First Class Seats

The Cotai First cabin is located on the top level of the boat. The seats are wider and more spacious than Cotai Class. You’ll also be served a drink and small snack. Here’s a few of the benefits compared to Cotai Class:

  • Nicer seats, and they recline!
  • Snacks and drink included
  • First to dis-embark the vessel (means less waiting at immigration)
  • Quieter cabin since there’s less people (and generally those who take First Class are more civilized)
  • Plenty of staff walking around (similar to airplane attendants)
  • Snacks and drink (I got cookies)
    Snacks and drink (I got cookies)

In case you’re wondering, the toilet is very clean in First Class. Didn’t get a chance to look at the Cotai Class ones.

First Class Toilet, clean and large
First Class Toilet, clean and large
More First Class Toilet pics
More First Class Toilet pics

Other than that, you’ll still board with everyone else and have the same waiting room area. I think for the minimal additional cost, it’s worth taking Cotai First. Considering one hand of blackjack at the casinos costs at least $300 these days.

First Class Cabin
First Class Cabin

Cotai Class Cabin

Cotai Class Seats
Cotai Class Seats

Cotai Class is a perfectly suitable way to travel to / from Macau / Hong Kong. While the seats are starting to get a little rough around the edges, they’re still decently comfortable and the boat is perfectly fine for the quick one-hour ride.

Not too much to write about here, decent seating for a boat with clean and comfy chairs. The seats don’t recline and you don’t get free food or beverage.

Cotai Class
Cotai Class


Arrival into HK or Macau is basically the same. First Class disembarks first, then Cotai Class. You go to immigration and that’s about it. Pretty straightforward and easy.

If arriving Macau, there’s plenty of shuttle buses on arrival to take you to whichever casino you want to go to.


Overall Cotai Water Jet is a comfortable and nice way to travel between Hong Kong Island and Taipai Macau. I prefer taking this boat because the Taipa Ferry terminal has a lot less people than the Macau Ferry, so less lines and crowds.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

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