Transport between Hong Kong and Maoming

Here are the best ways to travel between Hong Kong and Maoming茂名 in Southwest Guangzhou province, China.


With a car, you can drive to Shenzhen and pick up the Shenhai (Shenyang-Haikou) Expressway linking Maoming with Pearl River Delta cities. This is often congested, especially during holidays, and even on a good day from Hong Kong to Maoming door to door won’t take less than seven hours.

By coach there are dozens of buses daily from Shenzhen to Maoming. Buses leave from three of Shenzhen’s many long distance bus terminals – Donghu, Futian and Yantian. The link provided by reader James in the comments section below lists some of the services. The average ticket is about 150 RMB as of 2018. This journey takes about six hours.

To reach the bus station, you can take the MTR to Shenzhen and then after the border, take a metro or taxi to the bus station. Or you can take the coach from HK to Shenzhen and travel to the right coach station by metro, taxi or local bus. This could be convenient if you can get a coach from HK directly to the station in Shenzhen from which you’ll leave. This information can change so it’s best to ask around bus operators if you’re interested.



There are four trains daily from Shenzhen (two from Shenzhen East and two from Shenzhen West) to Maoming. The quickest is seven hours thirty five minutes, leaving Shenzhen East at 3.25 p.m. and getting to Maoming East at eleven p.m. Details are here. Once you get from HK to Shenzhen (as above), you’ll need to transfer to the right rail station.

There are fifteen trains daily between Guangzhou stations and Maoming stations. This journey can also take as little as four and a half hours although most are over five hours. Given this heightened frequency, you may decide to take the train direct from Hung Hom to Guangzhou East, then transferring (metro or taxi) to Guangzhou’s main train station and taking the train from there.

A high speed railway from Shenzhen to Maoming is currently under construction which will reduce the journey time between Shenzhen and Maoming to three hours. It is scheduled to open in 2018 but may open in October 2017, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily.


Maoming does not have an airport – the closest is Zhanjiang airport. This is around sixty miles away.

There is one daily flight between Hong Kong and Zhanjiang most days, except Thursday and Sunday. It is operated by Shanghai Airlines (flight 850, the flight from Zhanjiang to Hong Kong is flight 849. That flight operates only on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday although it did also operate on Sundays until this Summer). The flight schedule varies, but it is basically a mid-afternoon flight from Zhanjiang and then a late afternoon or early evening return flight, so not great for many business travellers.

The road from Maoming to Zhanjiang has been upgraded but despite the relative closeness, given the road condition and traffic, the journey can take two hours.

At Zhanjiang airport, you need to go to the international terminal, which as you approach the main terminal is on the right, up a hill. It is a small building and only used for this HK flight. One benefit of that is that the process of checking in and going through security and passport control is fast.

Hope this summary helps in the slim chance you need to go between Maoming and Hong Kong.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.


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