Taiwan Airport bus to Taipei


Taiwan Taoyuan TPE airport is far from Taipei, approx 45 km. Takes about 1 hr generally by bus. I’d allow up to 1.5 hours though, in case of traffic. Buses aren’t that frequent neither, usually 20-30 mins apart.

Unfortunately there’s no rail services so you’re stuck with taking a car or bus. Buses are exceptionally affordable and they go to various destinations around Taipei. Buses also going to Taichung or Taoyuan, here’s a map.

Taipei Airport Bus Map

The bus numbers to Taipei are 1356, 1819, 1840, 1841, 1843, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1968, 5201, 5202, and 5502. They are operated by a couple of different bus operators.

It’s not the most intuitive map, since there’s absolutely no detail for Taipei stops. It’s quite rubbish actually, to give you a map for the whole country.

The easiest way to select the bus route is to figure out where you want to go, then find a bus route with a stop there. Follow this link and click on stop name. There might be more than one bus that goes to the same area.

Fares depends on distance and whether or not a bus is express. Usually it’ll be around $90-150 TWD one way. In case you’re unsure of which bus to take, go to the ticketing area and ask the agents, they’ll guide you to the correct bus. I suggest paying extra for the express buses, they can save upwards of 30 mins each way and only about $10 HKD more.

The below pictures are from Terminal 2.

Taipei Airport Bus Waiting Area

Bus Ticketing Desks

The buses aren’t fancy, similar to something you’d see in mainland China. Certainly no large double deckers as in HK. Here are pics from the bus I took from the city to the airport.

Taipei Airport Bus

Taipei Airport Bus

The buses are a bit tacky by Western/HK design standards. Buses usually have lace and curtain decor, and odd colors which don’t match. The luggage goes underneath the bus and usually the driver won’t help you load/unload. However, despite the decor, I’ve never had problems on the bus to/from Taipei and the airport.

Ask around if you’re not sure which bus to take, I always do. Then I figure out where to get off by following on Google maps via my phone where the bus is.


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