Save Money on Same Day Returns on Long Win Airport Buses

Local airport bus operator Long Win is running a money saving promotion.

If you take one of their E buses to the airport and return the same day on an A bus you’ll save 20% of the cost.

It is a bit of an odd promotion, as there probably are not that many people who take A buses one way and E buses the other way on a regular basis. But if it works for you, great!

The promotion runs until 31 March, but often gets extended. Full details are on Long Win’s website.

LWB Same-day Return Fare Concession Scheme
Concession Period:1 January 2018 (Monday) to 31 March 2018 (Saturday)
Information Updated on:1 January 2018 (Monday)
Concession Scheme:To be eligible for the discount on the return-trip on an Airbus Route (“A” Route), a passenger must pay by the same Octopus card when taking the fore-trip on an North Lantau External Route (“E” Route) and the return trip on an “A” Route within the same operating day (“Same Day”). “Same Day” refers to the period from 0445 hours to the time of the last departure of the eligible route for that day.

Appendix A:LWB Same-day Return Fare Concession Scheme – Terms and Conditions

Applicable Routes:GroupDirectionRoutes under the same groupDiscount on The Return Trip
1Forward trip to Tung Chung or Airport
Return trip to New Territories
20% off
2Forward trip to New Territories
Return trip to Airport
20% off



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