Buses to Guangdong Province, China

Buses are a convenient way to reach many cities in Guangdong province, especially places other than Shenzhen, Dong Guan, and Guangzhou, since the train only primarily runs to those cities.

There are three main bus companies which operate cross-border between HK and Guangdong. (I’m sure there are many other smaller ones as well.)

If you are looking for information on service to SZ Airport check my previous post.

If you are looking for service from Hong Kong Airport to China, there is an official page for mainland coaches.

Trans-Island runs routes to many locations, and the web site has a nice English page. They operate services from both HK downtown locations and HK Airport.

  • Kaiping 開平
  • Xinhui 新會
  • Zhongshan 中山
  • Foshan 佛山
  • Guangzhou 廣州
  • OCT East 東部華僑城
  • Xinxing 新興
  • Dongguan Houjie 東莞厚街
  • Chaoyang 潮陽
  • Taishan 台山
  • Huadu 花都
  • Yangjiang 陽江
  • Shunde 順德
  • Chimelong 番禺長隆
  • Yangchun 陽春
  • Shenzhen Bay 深圳灣
  • Changping 常平
  • Shenzhen Bao An Int’l Airport 深圳寶安國際機場
  • Nan Ao 南澳
  • Huizhou 惠州
  • Haifeng/Lufeng 海豐/陸豐

Chinalink is a smaller version of Translink, but still reliable.


  • Shenzhen Airport
  • Guangzhou
  • Foshan
  • Yunfu
  • Wuzhou
  • Bao’an Bus Station
  • Jiangmen
  • Kaiping
  • Zhongshan

China Travel Service, the most famous by name, actually runs to the least destinations.

Destinations: (they’ll also bring you to the SZ border)

  • Guangzhou 廣州
  • Zhangmutou 樟木头

I took the CTS bus once from HK to GZ and don’t recommend it at all. It was a slow journey with lots of honking and switching lanes on the highway between SZ and GZ. Total travel time was about 3.5 – 4 hours and I was just praying to get there the whole time. The only good thing was that it dropped me off directly at my hotel in GZ.

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