Airport Express makes wifi free to HK Airport

Here is our simple guide to using wifi on the way to or from Hong Kong airport.

By Airport Express & MTR

If you want to use wifi on the way to or from the airport, the Airport Express has good news. They have rolled out free wifi in their trains. They long had PCCW wifi which was expensive and fiddly for a short journey, but they have now made it free. Details are on the MTR website here. For our full rundown on using the Airport Express, read this post.

In fact, MTR has wifi available free at all stations. Look for these hotspot signs.

Free MTR Wifi

By bus

Some airport buses have long offered free wifi – those run by CityFlyer (only the “A” numbers, not the cheaper “E” numbers which also plow the airport route. The ones run by Long Win and New Lantao Bus do not. If you need wifi and will be taking a bus, you can use the airport’s free wifi service before you leave the airport building.

By taxi

Most taxis or Ubers are not wifi enabled. The driver may well have multiple devices set up on their dashboard and you could always try asking them to share their wifi, but you may well be met with incomprehension or reticence.

Personal wifi

Alternatively you can pick up a SIM card including data – our run down of the latest options for visitors is here, and we explain in this post what cards you can buy at the airport.

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