Luggage / Baggage Storage at TPE Airport


Taipei Taoyuan Airport has three different options for storing your luggage.

  • Storage Lockers
  • Left Luggage
  • Bonded Luggage Storage (in customs)

Storage lockers aren’t noted on the airport website, but they’re there in the terminal. I saw them with my own eyes and gathered information for HKTB readers.

Fee as follows:

  • Small $40 NT/ 3 hrs
  • Medium $60 NT / 3 hrs
  • Large $80 NT / 3 hrs

You are charged every 3 hrs or portion thereof. You can use cash or EasyCard. I’ve never used EasyCard in Taiwan or found a need to. It’s similar to Octopus in HK. Best for short-term storage of a few hours or up to a day.

Luggage Lockers @TPE

Luggage Lockers @TPE

Left Luggage is your traditional luggage storage, but an agent touches it. Usually because of this, I prefer to use lockers so the agents don’t rifle through my belongings or mistakenly give my baggage to the wrong person.

Left luggage and luggage packing service counters located in Terminals 1 and 2 provide left luggage service and home collection and delivery services.

Call for exact rates or check upon arrival, should be slightly higher than the bonded luggage rates below. Should be a one-time fee for storage up to 30 days.

Service hours: 06:00–23:30

Terminal 1Terminal 2
LocationNorth side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F)South side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F)
South side of departures hall, 3rd floor (3F)
Service number+886-3-255-2233+886-3-255-2290

Bonded Luggage is something I haven’t heard of before. It sounds to be for items which are illegal in Taiwan, or for items you don’t want to bring through customs? A bit odd, since the items are still in the country, just sitting at the airport before immigration, so legally it hasn’t entered Taiwan.

If the luggage doesn’t weight much though, this is probably a cheaper option than lockers since it’s by weight. (Marijuana doesn’t weight much. You think customs would hold it? lol.)

Rates below are from the airport website, it’s an up to 30 days charge. So, it’s very reasonable!

If you have luggage that you do not wish to take through customs, you may deposit it at the bonded luggage counter for collection on departure.

Up to 12 kgNTD$200
12–22 kgNTD$250
23–32 kgNTD$300
33–42 kgNTD$400
Over 42 kg and high-value itemsNTD$500

Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2326; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3369.

Bonded luggage steps:

You pick up luggage as usual from the carousel. You go to customs counters, tell them you want the store the luggage as bonded, customs will fill a form, you take that form, walk to far right corner, there is a counter. You give the luggage to the staff, pay a small fee, the agent gives you a bag tag.

When you check in for departure flight, you give that bag tag to then check-in counter agent. The counter agent will send the luggage directly from storage to the airplane.



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  2. When I was there, I was gone for more than three hours. I don’t remember if I paid more up front or if I had to pay when I returned, but I was gone for about 8 hours and everything worked out fine.

  3. Just wondering about the locker storage in Taoyuan Airport. It says three hours for storage, what happens after three hours is up and I’m not back to pick up the luggage? Will it automatically open or staff will take my stuff out? Or is there an option where I can store 3 hours then add more money for 3 more hours? If so can I do it all at the same time or do I have to come back every three hours to put more money in?

  4. l used a storage service called lalalocker in Taiwan. It’s quite convenient and cheap;furthermore, u can also book it in advance, and u won’t be worried about lockers r occupied.

  5. Kerrilee Quaintmere on

    Hi is there an option to store luggage when leaving tpe terminal 1? I’ll be at the airport for hours and don’t feel like carrying it around all day

  6. hi, can i know how much is the left luggage service at airport?Im gonna stay few days at taipei then move to taichung for few days before go back to taoyuan airport. Therefore i need somewhere convenient to store my baggage while i move to taichung. Any advice?

    • Hi Kelvin! Left luggage prices should be slightly higher than the bonded luggage prices (200-500 NTD). Unfortunately I’m not in Taiwan to help check. However, you can store up to 30 days for that one-time fee!

      If there’s any readers passing through TPE and can help gather exact left luggage pricing information, that would be helpful!

  7. Bonded when u only stay in Taiwan for short time when u don’t need all the stuffs and it saves u time without having to check luggages through custom. For sure you will be prosecuted if they found out u have illegal items.

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