Oil paper umbrella

Insider guide to Taiwan’s best souvenirs!

Thanks to rich its history, spirited traditions and being the cream of Asian sophistication, Taiwan remains to be among the top Asia tourist beehives. If you are planning to visit the island, then you need to know how to preserve the memories when you get back to your home country.

From edible gifts, wearable stuff to beautiful mementos, Taiwan’s got you covered. We have summarized the best souvenirs you can squeeze in your suitcase to ensure you don’t miss out on getting beautiful or delicious gifts for yourself and for those you love.

If you’re also coming through Hong Kong, visit our picks for souvenirs to buy while in Hong Kong as well.

Taiwanese Oolong tea

Tea is a big deal in Taiwan. Among the strains produced in the county, oolong tea is the pride of Taiwan food culture, thanks to its quality. The famous black tea has a variety including Ruan, Lishan, Alishan, Jin Xuan and black oolong. If you love fruity aromas in your tea, choose Alishan or Dongfang. Osmanthus oolong is the best match for states buds that love a floral balance in their tea brew.

  • Where to buy: Various stores in Taipei market. Ex store no 58 along Hen Yang road.
  • Price: From $15 to $50 /100 grams
  • Portable: yes
  • Best gift for co-workers, parents, friends

Taiwanese oolong tea

Chinese calligraphy wall scroll

You do not need to understand a language to see the beauty in it. You could purchase different a Chinese wall scroll after asking what they mean. It could be a love message or a short poem. Have a friend who loves zodiac sign? This Chinese scroll is a sophisticated way to express your caring.

  • Where to buy: Taiwan promotional center along Xuzhou Rd. in Taipei.
  • Price: $10
  • Portable: roll it up and pack.
  • Best gift for: someone who loves art

Chinese calligraphy wall scroll

Chinese Jade

Chinese jade is one of the favorite souvenirs and ornament, even for the locals. They are believed to churn evil spirits and bring good luck and fortune to those who wear it. The jades are beautiful and stylish. It could be in the form of earing, bracelets, necklace, etc. Try to get something real though, otherwise you can pick up a nice piece of green plastic for cheap at some night markets too.

  • Where to buy: Jianguo Holiday Market along Jianguo S rd.
  • Price: More than $100 for authentic items
  • Portable: need special packaging
  • Best gift for: girlfriend, wife or love partner

Chinese silk products

Silk products need no introduction in regards to their luxury and beauty they present. If you are headed for Taiwan, you defiantly need to get an item, especially for ladies. You can use the material in making high-quality pillowcases, pajamas, cushion covers, etc.

  • Where to buy: Wufnpu Clothing market, along Yongji road, Taipei.
  • Price: $ 30 and above
  • Portable: light to carry, easy to fold and squeeze in luggage
  • Best gift for: A lady you treasure in your life – wife, mother, fiancé, and girlfriend

Chinese silk products

Pineapple cakes

Pineapple cakes, known as Fengli Su by the locals, is among the favorite delicacies in Taiwan.  The beauty of Fengli Su lies in it crumby crust and fillings made from pineapples jams. The snack is an excellent companion for tea or coffee. These cakes can stay fresh for a month, so they will get home safe for consumption. Their packaging makes them a great for a real gift.

  • Where to buy: Various shops in Taipei market ex Chia Te Bakery along Nanjing East Rd, Taipei.
  • Price: between $0.50 and $1.50 per piece.
  • Portable: manageable
  • Best gift for: kids, friends, family, co-workers

Zeng (Tseng) Noodles

Zeng noodles are made with Sichuan Pepper and Scallion Spring Onion, making them the best among its competitors. Their unique look and chewy texture differentiate them from the regular noodles. You can opt to take them dry or with soup.

  • Where to buy: Taiwan airports
  • Price: $14.90
  • Portable: easy
  • Best gift for: anyone who loves spiced food

Sun Biscuit

Sun biscuit, locally as Tai Yang Bing, is a Taiwan delicacy originating from Taichung. Sun biscuits are round flaky pastry biscuits sold in gift boxes and are favorite when taken with Chinese tea. Famous sun biscuits include Chia Te, Luna, and Li Yi.

  • Where to buy: Li Yi outlets, Shueh Hwa Jai near Rebar Crowne Hotel,
  • Price: Li Yi cost SG $1.08, Chia Te cost SG$ 1.16
  • Portable: carry with hands as they are very fragile
  • Best gift for: family, friend, co-workers

Tai Yang Bing,

Oil paper umbrella

As per Han Chinese people, the oil paper umbrella symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. The umbrella is best used in wedding ceremonies. The umbrellas have beautiful decoration, appreciated by visitors and locals. The paper umbrella comes in various size and design. The small size is best to fit in luggage.

  • Where to buy: Huashi Street Night Market in Taipei city
  • Price: $13
  • Portable: Large ones are difficult to manage
  • Best gift for: female friends, female family members

Oil paper umbrella

Taiwan has a plethora of awesome souvenirs and trinkets to bring back to your homeland. Make sure to pick up a bunch before you leave, and usually the prices aren’t too bad neither!

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