Hello Kitty Gate at Taipei Taoyuan TPE Airport


Flight was delayed coming back to HK, so I had some time to wander TPE airport. The Hello Kitty themed gate is there, figured I’d snap a few pics and share my thoughts.

The gate is located in Taipei Taoyuan Airport, Terminal 2, Gate C3. It’s been around for a number of years now, and looking a bit long in the whiskers so to speak. The store looks much nicer than the waiting area.

Hello Kitty Gate C3 / Lounge

Let’s say you definitely would not miss noticing this Hello Kitty themed waiting area if you happen to be walking by, it certainly stands out from your typical airport waiting area. Decorated in the traditional pink and white, it’s a cute themed area to check out if you’re a Sanrio fan.

The waiting area / lounge / gate / whatever you want to call it consists of a store and play area for the kiddies too. Play ground is small and a bit drab, but should entertain the little ones for a few minutes while waiting for your plane. Didn’t look the cleanest though, I’d carry some baby wipes with me.

Hello Kitty Playground

This other children’s waiting room area was really drab, nothing inside there except a couple of plastic chairs and tables. They need to update this immediately, or minimally add a few more pieces of furniture.

Hello Kitty Children’s Lounge

In the general seating area for adults, passengers weren’t too amused. Seats didn’t look too comfy neither. A bit sad for something that’s supposed to make people happy.

Hello Kitty Waiting Lounge

The Sanrio store was the nicest part of the gate area. Tons of souvenirs and knick knacks to pick up before your flight. Good place to get rid of some TWD. You can also pose with Hello Kitty for a few photos.

Hello Kitty Statues

Hello Kitty Store

Overall the Hello Kitty gate is a bit overrated, due to old age and cleanliness. I wouldn’t specially make the trek over if your gate is far away, but it is something unique to see, just don’t expect much. It’s a good distraction for the little ones though, and should keep them entertained.

I’m hoping the Hello Kitty themed flights would be a better experience, haven’t had a chance to fly that yet.


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