Taiwan High Speed Train

Cheapest transport between Taoyuan Airport TPE and Taipei city center

Taiwan’s transport network to/from Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is very efficient. Travelers departing or arriving can choose from a myriad of transportation methods to and from the airport. These modes of transport differ in the distance covered, cost, operating hours and depart intervals.

Therefore, your choice of transport from Taoyuan Airport to city center will depend on your budget and time of arrival. Here is a quick look at these methods of transport for regular hours (6 am – 11 pm.) It’s ordered from cheapest to most expensive.


Bus remains the cheapest way of moving from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei city center. Despite the cost, bus has some drawbacks. First, you need to figure out which bus number to catch as per your city destination.

If your accommodation is near Taipei 101, your bus should be CitiAir Bus 1960. If you need to be dropped at the Taipei Railway Station, take bus 1961 0r 1819. The cost of these buses differs with time of the day and destination. Here is the bus timetable to get exact information.

Time intervals: 10-15 minutes

Travel time: up to 55 minutes

Operating hours: some 24 hours

Ticket price: roughly 90-120NTD or $4-$5 USD

Taiwan Airport Bus


  • Tickets are sold as bus counters.
  • Pick bus from T1 use zone B1 arrivals
  • Pick bus from T2 use the northeast arcade of 1st-floor arrivals
  • There is a free 24 hours bus service between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for travelers and airport personnel.


Taoyuan Airport MTR

Starting March 2017, Taoyuan International Airport has access to MRT system service. The train system links two terminals to Taipei central station: T1and T2. The MRT system service has made things easier for travelers than in the past. The MRT takes you to Taipei Main Station in just 35 minutes. From there, you can access citywide MRT to your hotel. This method of transport in fast, reliable and cheap.

Time intervals: 15 minutes

Travel time: 35 minutes

Operating hours: 06:05 -23:35

Ticket price: NT$160

Note: There is a free Skytrain service for transportation between Terminal 1 and terminal 2. Skytrain interval during peak hours 2-4 minutes (06:00-22-00), off-peak hours 4-8 minutes (22:00-24:00)

MTR service from the airport to the city is not 24 hours.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

You could opt to used Taiwan high speed rail. To board the train, take the airport MRT and transfer to the THSR station (20 minutes). You could also use an Ubus route 705 and transfer to THSR Taoyuan station (25 minutes)

Taiwan High Speed Train

Time intervals: 15-30 minutes

Travel time: Total of 45 minutes

Operating hours: 6 am -11 pm

Ticket price: NT$195


Taxi is the quickest and easiest to get from the Taoyuan airport to Taipei center. However, taxi charge more compared to other methods of transport. For a 40 minutes ride, you will incur NT$1150. Not cheap, but we decided to add it in anyways for comparison.

Taiwan Airport Taxi

Time intervals: Anytime

Time took: depends on your destination (up to 45 minutes)

Operating hours: Anytime

Price: charge what is on the meter

For taxi at Terminal 1 call: +866 3 3982832

                   Terminal 2 call: + 886 3 3983599

To report a complaint from taxi service call: +886 3 3834499


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