Taoyoun Airport Bus

Cheap ways between Taoyuan airport and Taipei city center (midnight to early morning)

When you land in Taoyuan International Airport, the first problem you will face is how to get to your accommodation in Taipei city. This task is more tedious if you arrive in Taiwan after midnight as most of the daytime transport services have stopped operating. To help you not get stuck at the airport, I’m going to introduce to you some of the transport services to help you get safely to your place of stay. These services are available starting midnight (12 am) to early morning hours (6 am.)

Note: MRT stops running roughly after 1130pm from airport, and 11PM from Taipei Main.


Several bus departments are operating at Taoyuan International Airport. However, not all of them operate 24/7.

Some services such as 1819 run 24 hours and are the best for those planning to travel at night. You can catch the bus at Taiwan Main Station and from there, a taxi to take you to your hotel.

Some of the bus services operating at this time can take you to your hotel. They are cheaper compared to taking a bus then taxi but will take longer especially if the location of the hotel is last on the route.

Taoyoun Airport Bus

Time intervals: 15-30 minutes

Travel time: 55 minutes

Operating hours: 24/7

Ticket price: TWD 125

Note: Tickets sold at bus counters

To catch the bus at Terminal 1 see here, Terminal 2 see here

Some airlines provide 24-hour airport shuttle services e.g. AirPoPo. This suits those who love to make plans before hands and enjoy the door-to-door service.


If you want to avoid spending time walking and transferring between public transportation carrying heavy luggage, then taxi should be your first choice. Taxis at Taoyuan operate by shifts. All taxi drivers have been thoroughly evaluated by the Aviation Police Office to service airport travelers. This is a comprehensive management protocol to ensure the safety of travelers.

Taxi fare is based on the meter, exclusive of highway tolls. The taxi can transport you to any part of Taiwan. This service is more expensive than any other transport means but will take you right to your hotel. It is cost effective to hire a taxi when traveling in a group of 3 to 4.

airport taxi in Taipei

Time intervals: Anytime

Travel time: 40 minutes

Operating hours: 24/7

Ticket price: roughly 1000-1200 NTD

Service number: Terminal 1 call +886 3 3982832

                           Terminal 2 call +886 3 3983599

Complaints: +886 3 3834499

Ever arrived at Taoyuan Airport late at night? How did you get to your place of accommodation? Kindly share your first-hand experience with us.

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