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MTR Discounts to Help You Through the Fare Raise

Bad news first. MTR fares went up today AGAIN, this time for an average of 4.3 %. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, since the train operator has been raising prices for 6 consecutive years now. But putting my complaints aside, there are actually some ways...


MTR Increased Service Frequency

MTR has increased the service frequency of the trains this year, and they’ve initiated a campaign bragging about it. I think this is mainly in hope that people will forget about the three major instances where there was major MTR service disruption this year. While I commend them, this really...


40% off Airport Express ticket with Visa

I saw a promotion on the MTR for 40% off your Airport Express ticket when using Visa Platinum, Signature, or Infinite. I think this is an awesome deal making your trip only $60 from Hong Kong Station. Details can be found below or through this link.


MTR Fare Increase & Ride 10 Get 1 Free Bonus

Update June 24: Originally this promotion said you had 7 days to ride ten times, now it’s only M-F…   MTR fares went up today! BOO! Aside from my politcal gripes about this, because they made so much money last year, I’ll tell you how to make the...


Asia Miles & 5-10% Discount for Airport Express tickets

This is an offer I don’t think many people utilize. When taking the Airport Express, get a discount and collect Asia Miles at the same time. Tickets are also cheaper if purchased online, 10% off for HSBC cardholders until July 31, 2012. Around 5% discount for non-HSBC online purchases. The only...