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HK Express $32 Mega Sale!

Hong Kong Express is pushing out its biggest sale ever!! For travels to all destinations between 29 September and 14 July 2016 [Bangkok: 29 September – 24 Octover; Hiroshima: 27 October to 26 March, 2016] , a one-way ticket costs HK$32 only (before taxes of course)!!!! That means two-way...


HK Express $78 Mega Sale (July)

Here’s another round of Hong Kong Express Mega Sale! This time  travels between August 26 and June 30 2016 on all routes provided by the airline are sold at discounted prices starting from HK$78 per way! Which means it can cost you less than HK$600 to travel to-and-fro Taichung, less than HK$660 to...