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Free Transit Tours in Narita

If you are in transit somewhere and have time, a transit tour can be a great way to see the area – often for free. We have previously featured free transit tours in Taipei and in Seoul. There are also free transit tours offered in Narita airport, which...


Japan Coin Lockers at Train Stations

Interesting web site for Japan travelers. Recently I was searching for a place to store my bags during a quick trip to Tokyo, and was flying into Haneda (HND) and out of Narita (NRT) so I couldn’t leave the bags at the airport. I also didn’t want to...


Expiring Asia Miles

One of the absolute worst features about Asia Miles is that they expire…as opposed to most other programs where regular activity keeps the miles in perpetuity. Earned Asia Miles fall into yearly buckets, which expire every 3 years. Below I outline some ways to utilize or keep your Asia...