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Why Are Some Chinese Hotels Closed to Foreigners?

Did you know some Chinese hotels are only available to mainlanders? I’ve experienced it before, walking around a city trying to find a hotel or guest house with vacancies, and going into hotels only to be told that they only accept guests with Chinese ID. You may even...


Free Instant Marriott Silver Status

There’s a thread going on at Slickdeals which indicates you can get instant Marriott Silver status upon sign-up. Normally you’re required to stay at least 10 nights per year to qualify. This isn’t a great offer, certainly not as good as the SPG Gold or Hilton Gold statuses that’ve...


My thoughts: Mac users see pricier hotels on Orbitz

There’s been a lot of hoopla over the couple of days about Orbitz’ data mining and utilizing the information they’ve gained to display different search results for PC vs Mac. Mac users tend to book higher priced hotels and rooms, which I don’t think is a big secret...