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HK Express $32 Mega Sale!

Hong Kong Express is pushing out its biggest sale ever!! For travels to all destinations between 29 September and 14 July 2016 [Bangkok: 29 September – 24 Octover; Hiroshima: 27 October to 26 March, 2016] , a one-way ticket costs HK$32 only (before taxes of course)!!!! That means two-way...


HK Express Pay to Go, Return for Free Discount!

Just after last night’s HK$38 ticket sales, Hong Kong Express pushes out yet another round of discounted tickets. This time the “pay to go and return for free” discount returns! That means for travels between 27 August and 14 July, 2016, it only costs as little as HK$780...


HK Express HK$38 Tickets to All Destinations!

Hong Kong Express pushes out another round of discounted tickets. This time all routes cost HK$38 per way within the coming 24 hours! That means for travels between 27 August and 24 October, it only costs as little as HK$406 to travel to Japan, HK$469 to Taichung and...


HK Express $23 Tickets to Hiroshima!

Hong Kong Express does it again! This time it is HK$23 one way tickets to its new route Hiroshima! That’s only HK$332 tax included for a two way flight! The new route flies on Tuesday and Saturday. Flights to Hiroshima flies 14:00 -18:10 while flights to Hong Kong...


HK Express 20% off Promo Code for Korea

To celebrate the cancellation of travel warning against Korea, Hong Kong Express launched a 20% off promo code for flights to both Seoul and Busan, which is going to make cheap tickets even cheaper!


HK Express $78 Mega Sale (July)

Here’s another round of Hong Kong Express Mega Sale! This time  travels between August 26 and June 30 2016 on all routes provided by the airline are sold at discounted prices starting from HK$78 per way! Which means it can cost you less than HK$600 to travel to-and-fro Taichung, less than HK$660 to...


HK Express Discounts for Your Fall Vacation

Who doesn’t love the breezy cool and fine weather of fall? Who doesn’t love to take a walk amidst a colorful forest of  burning red autumn foliage? It’s time to plan for your autumn trip and Hong Kong Express is offering discounts for travels between August 26 to...


HK Express $8 Tickets (Jul 14 Only!)

It’s Hong Kong Express Discount Monday again! You wouldn’t want to miss this week’s discounts and there is no reason not to snatch a ticket and just go somewhere! Because this week a one-way ticket to destinations like Japan/Taichung/ Korea can cost as cheap as HK$8 (before taxes)! Yes, that’s...


HK Express Pay to Go, Return for Free!

Hong Kong Express released another batch of discounts! This  time, it is pay to go, return for free discounts for travels between 26 Aug 2015 and 30 Jun 2016. If you already have travel plans in mind, book now before the tickets run out! You might still be able to grab tickets...


HK Express Flight Review – HKG HND

So I just came back from a trip to Tokyo, Japan. It’s really nice this time of year, the temperature was hovering in the mid-teens during the daytime and no pollution while I was there, a nice change from Hong Kong. I flew Hong Kong’s newest budget airline, HK Express...