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Review: Qantas Lounge, Hong Kong Airport

People often talk about the passing of the golden age of glamorous travel. However, Qantas’ lounge in Hong Kong airport goes a long way to restoring some of that. The lounge is situated above the area beside Gate 15 and can be accessed from the stairs and lift...


Getting Between Mui Wo and Hong Kong Airport

Although Mui Wo is on the same island as the airport (Lantau), the transport connections can be a bit spotty. Bus There is an airport bus, the A35. However it has a limited and sporadic frequency. There is also a nighttime service N35. Here is the timetable for...


A Hike Near Hong Kong Airport

Although many imagine Hong Kong is a high rise concrete jungle, most of the territory is countryside and offers excellent hiking with beautiful views. There are even some hikes which are close to the airport, so if you have enough time between flights, you could get out, stretch...