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Travelling to Guilin by train

A cheap and convenient way to visit the beautiful cities of Guilin, Yangshuo and their surroundings is by train. Everyone who has been in Hong Kong and China for a while know that the high-speed trains are a symbol of modern China, becoming one of the most efficient...


Dragonair Getaway Surprise & CX companion fare

Dragonair just announced a big sale from now, until midnight Sat May 19th. (I assume this includes all day Saturday.) It looks like some of the summer bookings are light and they want to fill up the planes. Fares from Hong Kong to: Guilin or Taichung at only HKD700 Chiang Mai...


Guilin and Yangshou, China

I highly recommend taking the trip to Guilin, more specifically Yangshuo in Guangxi province. It is a truly breathtakingly beautiful place, and the pace of life is slower than in the major cities. Now, I’m not going to say how ideallic and untouched it is, because it’s definitely...