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Cathay Pacific fanfares Nov 19

Nothing was ever going to beat last week’s incredible $50 HKD fanfares….but this week still has a decent selection of destinations. The only bad part is that the travel dates are either next week or in February 2014. Unfortunately this is low season for most travel destinations and...


Cathay Pacific Fanfares: June 4

Another round of CX fanfares released this morning at 8 am. I am quite disappointed at the quality of the destinations offered as they aren’t that good and tend to be the same places week after week. Fares include: (*with tax + surcharge) Xiamen HKD 590 | HKD...


Dragonair Getaway Surprise & CX companion fare

Dragonair just announced a big sale from now, until midnight Sat May 19th. (I assume this includes all day Saturday.) It looks like some of the summer bookings are light and they want to fill up the planes. Fares from Hong Kong to: Guilin or Taichung at only HKD700 Chiang Mai...