Left Luggage Storage at Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Airport, Vietnam


If you want to store left luggage at Ho Chi Minh airport there is a facility, but it is pretty costly.

On the arrivals level of the international terminal, as you exit the building, walk right towards the Burger King about fifty yards away. Next to that, a door leads inside the terminal building and the left luggage room is immediately inside that door.

This door leads into the left luggage room entrance (HK Travel Blog).

The left luggage is open and manned twenty four hours, daily. The cost per item is 27,500 dong ($9.45) per hour, capped at ten hours per day beyond which the daily price is set at 275,000 dong ($94.50).

You may hear or read about a much cheaper left luggage service at the other end of the airport – this is not currently available.



  1. Hi Christopher – is this storage area fairly safe and cool?

    I plan to leave my large suitcase full of candy/chocolates/snacks in here for 7 days. Don’t want it to melt while I travel Vietnam.


  2. I am confused, it seems that 275,000 VND is $12.11 USD. Is there some other fee that brings it up to $94 USD? Looking to plan for a trip we are taking and want to know how much money to plan. Thanks.

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