Vietjet SGN-HKG: Skyboss Flight Review

Vietjet is a low-cost carrier based in, you’ve guessed it, Vietnam! They are rapidly expanding their services, particularly overseas and now fly to Hong Kong. I had the pleasure of flying with them from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong via their Sky Boss service. I did fly Vietjet domestically as well, so I can compare the non-Skyboss service to Skyboss.

Skyboss perks

Luxury waiting lounge 
A warm welcome awaits all our passengers in such an elegant lounge to relax, work and entertain with available facilities:
    • Private and quiet space
    • Luxurious environment
    • Free Internet access
    • Diversity of newspaper/ magazines
    • Food and beverages
    • Professional service agents
* A number of the above facilities can be subject to change depending on the infrastructure of each airport
For your priority 
 You take priority in all services at the airport:
     • Check-in priority
    • Priority tag attached
    • Free of 30kg checked baggage and 10kg hand baggage
    • Priority of seat selection on flights
    • Private vehicle priority
    • Food & Beverage served on board
Flexible ticket policy 
    • No fee for your Date/flight/ Route change (*)
    • Change schedule 3h before the departure time
Vietjet: Check-in

Check-in; as I was holding a Skyboss ticket I could check-in using the Skyboss desk, which was completely empty. The agent promptly checked me in and asked for my ticket out of Hong Kong. I didn’t have one so I provided my HKID. I assume if you don’t have a HKID you’ll need an on-ward or return ticket to check-in. She provided me a seat in row 1 and my pass for the lounge access.

Immigration was quick in Saigon and Skyboss ticket holders are allowed to the use the VIP line for security which will help during busy times. As soon as I crossed security, I immediately headed over to the Apricot lounge, which is located on a lower level. The lounge is really nice, and recently renovated, I’ll cover that in a separate post soon.

While in the lounge I was about to head over to the gate 30 minutes prior to departure time, but the lounge staff told me the flight hadn’t started boarding yet, so I stayed put. About 15 minutes before departure they made an announcement to go to the gate. When I got there I was the last person to go through. I think the gate agents didn’t change the gate status to boarding until after they started boarding.

Vietjet: Loading via parking bay

As a Skyboss passenger, I was immediately recognized and told to wait for a private car to bring me to the plane. Vietjet tends to use parking bays instead of jet bridges to save on cost. While all of the regular passengers had to stand while taking the shuttle bus, I had a private Mercedes Benz minivan to whisk me to the plane. The van wasn’t anything special inside, but it was a Mercedes.

Vietjet: Private Van Transfer

After getting off the private van and walking up the stairs, the flight attendants greeted me by name without even asking for a boarding pass, nice recognition! They also told me to put my carry-on luggage down and they’d place it in the overhead bins for me. I thought the overhead was full so I obliged, otherwise I would’ve just done it myself, not a big deal.

Vietjet: Skyboss cabin divider

As I was assigned a seat in row 1, I didn’t go far before sitting and again getting mentioned by name and being offered a welcome drink of bottled water. Normally for Vietjet, all drinks and foods are purchased ala-carte.

Vietjet: Skyboss seating row 1, ample leg room

The seat for Skyboss is the same seating as the rest of the plane, but there is more legroom. It’s a fairly standard economy seat you’ll find on any airline, I found it perfectly comfortable for a flight of only a few hours. The legroom of course was ample for Skyboss seating and seat does recline a decent amount. Many budget airlines don’t allow seat recline, Vietjet does! As a matter of fact, their seat gets pretty high ratings.

Vietjet: Seating

We left the parking bay only 10 minutes late, which is on-time for Vietnam. Flights tend to get delayed in Vietnam quite a bit unfortunately. The flight attendant did apologize which was appreciated.

Vietjet: Welcome drink

Food and drinks were served shortly after takeoff and included with Skyboss. The menu has tons of food options. Here’s a few pics of the menu. I asked for a suggestion was given Thai Fried Rice, Steamed Sticky Rice, and Lotteria Mega Beef Rice as good choices. Chose the Thai Fried Rice since I didn’t want sticky rice and didn’t know what Lotteria was. Apparently it’s a fast food chain that started in Japan in the 1970s.

Vietjet: Meal Menu

Food was good considering Vietjet is a low cost carrier. They gave me a little bag of cashews too, my favorite nut! That made me happy, so sick of eating peanuts on planes. If you don’t have a Skyboss ticket, you can still consider buying a meal before or on your flight, it’s relatively cheap and you can use up any leftover dong too! I only wish the prices for the domestic and international flights were the same, since it’s the same food!

Vietjet: Thai Fried Rice

We arrived early into HKG and parked at a remote bay. The flight attendants told me they’d fetch my luggage from the overhead bins for me, nice though, but certainly unnecessary. It’s a good service for elderly or those with heavy luggage though.

Skyboss passengers are supposed to have a private van transfer again, and I overheard the flight attendant talking to ground staff about that. However, since the regular shuttle bus arrived already and would take some time to get the private van, the staff told me to take the regular bus to the terminal. It was fine, but assuming you get the private transfer, your time exiting the plane and getting to the terminal should be faster that my experience was. The best thing about taking the shuttle in HKG is that it leaves you right by the immigration desks, so you don’t need to walk very far as opposed to often having to take the train in HKG airport.

Overall I was really impressed with Vietjet. I have flown many other Southeast Asian airlines, with mixed experiences. Vietjet operates newer aircraft, has a friendly and attractive crew, and is English language friendly. Anytime you fly between Vietnam, don’t hesitate at all to take Vietjet. You’ll have a good flight and probably save a few bucks along the way. Just remember all services such as lounge, checked luggage, early seat assignment, food, and drinks are ala carte for regular tickets, but included for Skyboss!

Check the website for regular promotions too, we recently wrote about a 5000 dong ticket.

This flight was provided by Vietjet. All content and opinions expressed are true and original to the author.

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