Luggage/Baggage Storage at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

There are manned left luggage facilities on both the second and fourth floor of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. They are run by the same company and the pricing is the same. As the second floor is the arrivals floor, there often longer queues at that facility than at the one on the fourth floor.

The pricing is simple. Items attract a charge for an initial period of up to one day, and run on pricing is at the same rate in smaller increments.

Luggage sizeUp to 24 hoursEach subsequent 12 hours (or part thereof)
Small (up to 35 x 56 x 22 cm)100 baht50 baht
Medium (up to 45 x 65 x 28 cm)120 baht60 baht
Large (over to 45 x 65 x 28 cm)150 baht75 baht


Payment is upon collection and items are kept for up to six months.

The facility is open twenty four hours, daily.

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