Coffee Shops in Bandung

Bandung has a range of lovely coffee shops adding to the charm of the old town centre. There are too many to mention in detail here, but we wanted to highlight a couple. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments section below to help fellow travellers.

Braga Art Cafe

One lovely spot is the Braga Art Café (Jl. Braga no. 68, tel. (022) 8248 1268). It feels expansive, with an airiness in part because of its opening onto the street both upstairs and downstairs. The antique style wooden furniture and plants make the interior feel elegant and inviting. The food and drinks are fine, but not amazing. However, the spacious feeling and pleasant ambience makes this a great spot in which to while away the hours.

Kopi Toko Djawa

Just a few steps across the road from the Braga is a hipster coffee shop which though of a very different style is also enchanting. The Djawa café (Jl. Braga no. 79) offers excellent quality coffee and other drinks and light snacks, in convivial surroundings. The converted bookshop does still have a decent selection of reading material for a relaxed coffee shop vibe.

Another thing which makes Djawa worth a visit is its backroom. Some countries in Asia have capsule shops where a range of local designers and producers offer a small selection of their wares under one roof. In Bandung these are called distros and the one at Djawa has a lovely range of contemporary local zakka-style souvenirs amongst other things.

Distro in Djawa’s backroom

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