Get a Vietnam E-Visa: Application & Arrival Process

Updates Nov 24, 2017: Please leave comments about your Vietnamese e-visa / immigration experience after to share with other travelers.

  • Reiterating: print out your e-visa once it’s approved and sent to you. You’ll need it upon check-in at your flight to Vietnam & when going through immigration. All airlines recognize the e-visa, you should not have any issues checking in, if you have the proper visas.
  • Vietnam E-visa application website is run by the Vietnam government which isn’t the most reliable. You may encounter server errors. Would suggest waiting an hour or two or trying later in the day.
  • Entry / Exit: entry and exit cities are requested on the application for the Vietnam visa. Of course I would try to know ahead of time your ports if possible. However, if you enter or exit through a different city, immigration officer should still let you through if the visa is valid.
  • Haven’t heard too many complaints about the e-visa service. Despite this, there can be random errors and lack of confirmations here and there. If you need it expedited (sooner than 3 days,) or don’t want to hassle doing it yourself, would suggest using our partner Vietnam-visa on arrival. They’re very reliable.

If you hold a passport for one of the below countries, good news, you can apply for a visa to Vietnam online. The e-visa is valid for single entry, 30 days validity, and only $25 USD. As usual, make sure you have 6+ months validity left in your passport. It’s super simple and quick, I just did it and below I explain how the process goes.

If your country is not on the below list, Hong Kong being one of them, we recommend getting a visa on arrival which can be paid for in cash after landing. If you require multiple entry, visa on arrival is also a better bet than the e-visa. It’s still very affordable, easy to get, and you hold onto your passport the whole time.

Eligible countries for Vietnamese e-visa

Czech Republic
South Korea
Timor Leste
United Kingdom
United States


Vietnam government is now operating the e-visa website, no need to go through an agent anymore, which will save you a few bucks.

  1. Go to the for foreigners option.
  2. Fill out the online form fields, very self explanatory.
    1. Upload a passport sized photo.
    2. Upload your passport’s data page
    3. Fill out your personal information, travel dates, address, etc.
  3. Verify information, go on to payment.
  4. Note the reference number that keeps popping up, you will need this to come back to the website to check if your visa application was approved.
Visa application fields

I don’t believe they’re too particular on the size of the images since it wasn’t specified. I scanned an old normal passport sized photo, and my passport information page, then uploaded it. I assume you can also take a photo on your phone but scanning would be clearer.

Application confirmation

Payment can be done online via credit card. There is a US$0.96 credit card processing fee.

Visa fees

You’ll get a pop-up or two and e-mail confirmation once payment has been successful. Mastercard/Visa/JCB are accepted for international payments.

Payment confirmation
Payment confirmation again

After 3 days it says to check your status. I checked it the day after and was already approved.

Visa approved

Ensure you click the print visa button. You MUST bring the printed visa with you to check into your flight.

Upon arrival in Vietnam, you can go straight to the ALL PASSPORTS line, there is no need to go to the landing visa office. Show your passport and printed visa to the immigration officer. I had no problems whatsoever once this step was done.

I wasn’t sure if the visa was electronic and already in Vietnam’s system, or or you needed to print it. The immigration officer did ask for a printout, so make sure you have this.

Everything went perfectly smooth, better than expected to be honest. Price was cheap and it only took me 2 minutes to go through immigration without any questions.

30 days rule

Keep in mind the 30 days starts from when your visa date is valid, NOT from when you enter the country. My visa said allowed to enter Vietnam 13/03/17 – 12/04/17. However, I entered 17/03/17, and it still expired the same date 12/04/17.

Therefore, if you require the full 30 days or so, I would suggest not applying for the visa until you know the actual date you will arrive.

E-visa stamp with max stay date


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  • My husband and I both ordered an EVISA. Printed and we are at the airport, I reviewed it over and on mine it appears a number is distorted and the qr code did not properly print.

    We don’t have access to a printer to reprint.

    My question is if the immigration officer at Vietnam will just look at it and stamp our visa or do they need to scan the EVISa or input it somewhere into their system to check?? Will they allow mobile ticket if it’s incorrect?

  • Has anyone entered a different port than they said they would on an evisa?I have one with me (in Thailand at the moment) and would prefer to enter via Hanoi instead of HCMC, as I said I would when I got the evisa.

    I will enter HCMC if I have to, just would prefer not to if I can change it without an issue.


  • Hello 🙂 I’m from Germany an entered Vietnam from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh. I had no problems except that it took longer to get it than I expected since they don’t work on weekends. However, this was my fault. Website worked pretty good too.

  • Me and my gf did the e-visa. When we arrived in Hanoi, I got through passport control just fine. However, my gf got stopped and had to go to the visa on arrival counter. Not sure why they pulled her to the counter since our e-visa were exactly the same, but she just had to answer a few extra questions and was good to go. Just something to consider.

  • I applied and received visa’s for both me and my husband, within the 3 days. However, my husbands visa does not have his full name on it. only his 1st name.
    I send them an inquiry and they have not replied. Do you think this lack of a last name on the visa will be a problem? The passport number should time them together. Any suggestions?

    • I would expect it to be fine without any issue. Worst case if you can’t fix it before going on your trip, you might have to stop by the visa on arrival office in Vietnam. But I’d go through the regular process and act as if though you know nothing is off.

  • Hi, just a warning to some folks.

    I applied for the e-visa and got no response after the promised 3 working days.

    I checked every day with the “registration code” you’re supposed to enter, and it always came back “Application Status: In processing.”

    I know my status inquiry went through each time because after you type in the registration code, the website confirms your identity by spitting out your name and password number.

    As I had heard some people got responses within a day, I got suspicious on the third day and checked if anyone else had this experience and on Trip Advisor there were a few stories of people who applied and never got a response either!

    So I’m guessing it happens randomly. What % of applications do they lose track of, who knows? It’s a Communist country! lol No accountability! Maybe it’s only 10%. But when you’re in that 10% and it messes up all your plans it’s not fun.

    I had chosen the E-visa for its convenience (apply online and response within 3 working days!) and because it is cheaper ($25 for E-visa vs. paying $18 to middleman for processing the Visa on Arrival + $25 you pay to the immigration officer at the airport for VoA stamp).

    It’s now too late for me to switch to Visa on Arrival so my plans to visit Vietnam this time are ruined.

    Oh well. Live and learn. I thought after about 8 months the E-visa thingy would be up and running smoothly. Guess not.

    Hope no one else has to experience this.

    Good luck!

  • Hi guys. Thanks so much for posting this; it’s super helpful! I have applied for and been granted my e-visa. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do I just need to print out my e-visa on normal A4 printer paper or do I need to print it out to fit into my passport?
    2. Do I need to bring anything else to show immigration such as passport photos, proof of travel insurance etc?
    3. Has anyone traveled to Vietnam from HK on HK Express? Any issue with the e-visa?

    • 1. Yes, print out on normal paper. I just folded it and threw it in my passport.
      2. No. Maybe you’ll be asked for a hotel confirmation.
      3. You should not have any issue on any carrier.

  • And to add to my last question, an info page Vietnamese e-Visa web site has a screen shot that shows an example of the the passport data page and the same passport image as a separate upload. So does that mean I can/should take a picture of my photo from my passport and then upload that? This seems a bit problematic, since the photo in my passport has as hologram over it.

  • Hello – Thanks for this information. Quick question: Regarding the uploading of a “normal passport sized photo”, do you think it makes a difference if the photo is not an actual passport photo? I ask because I managed to create a passport -sized jpeg, but the background is that of trees. Do you think that would be an issue? Thanks!!

  • I’ve read on some travel blogs that some airlines did not accept e-visa for Vietnam and were denied boarding. Have you heard of any with Cathay Pacific airlines accepting e-visa at boarding in New York (United States)? I will be flying to Vietnam in two weeks. Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Just got back from Vietnam. I flew EVA through Taiwan out of Houston. I checked EVA web site and found a page detailing countries entry requirements and found the EVISA accepted for Vietnam. I was a little nervous boarding in Houston and they looked at it a bit strange but after a short consult with a manager, we had no issues leaving USA or entering Vietnam.
      I’d say check with Cathay but I’d be surprised if you have any issues. They do want a hard copy, so print it out.

      • Thanks for the quick reply and info. Another question: upon arrival in Vietnam – I know I don’t need to go to the VOA counter; can I proceed directly to baggage claim?

        • We arrived in Saigon, the VOA lines were in the same hall as the main immigration lines. We bypassed the VOA lines and went directly to the main immigration lines. It took about 20 mins to clear, then onto baggage where we waited at least another 20-30 minutes. After picking up bags, with nothing to declare, we walked out without anymore baggage inspections.
          Have fun!

  • Hi, the information is helpful, thanks! But for Chinese passport holders, does the e-visa work if he/she fly out from Mainland China (instead of HK)? I’m flying from Hong Kong, but my friend will leave from Shanghai. Does the airport matters? Thank you!

  • I tried to log in with my registration code about an hour after I paid for this visa but it keeps saying ‘authentication failed. Please try again.’ Did anyone else experience this?

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me how can I pay for this visa? I was trying with Visa Electron , payment failed. Tried with MasterCard credit card, failed again. I contacted the support team and they didn’t help me much..

    “Your problem is not to haven’t registered 3D security. The payment is failed because the acceptable bank refused. You receive the message from our site about have not register 3DS security, we are checking again. Please you try again another card .You can change email , PC…. Because the bank assesses to base on these identifiers. Thanks you”

    My card has 3D security code but the site didn’t require it. Please let me know what is the problem and how did you successfully pay?


  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if it matters where you exit Vietnam on E-Visa. We already have them and entering Ho Chi Minh City Airport and leaving through Vinh Xuong at the Cambodian border.


  • I will enter the country in Saigon. Once I’m in Saigon, I am planning to take a domestic flight to Hanoi a few days later. I would hope they do not consider this as another entry point since I’m flying from Saigon over. Did anyone have any issues with this?

    Also, there’s a section in the form where they asked about accompanying minors. My kids are traveling with me, but I’m planning to get them their own e-visa. Do I need to include them in my application?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • I wrote Danang as the point of entry on the visa application, since that was the final destination of my flight, but I actually entered the country and cleared customs at HCMC, before flying on to Danang. Luckily there was no problem, but it’s better to make sure that you put the point of entry and exit as the point at which you will clear customs in the country (your first entry point and final exit point). They didn’t ask me for my printed visa on any of domestic flights, just checked the already stamped visa inside my passport and that was enough.

      • I am entering the country at HCMC but leaving from Hanoi. So it’s different for entry and exit however i’m entering the country only once. So hopefully that would work. I’m still confused about accompanying minor part but will not fill that out as I’m applying e-visa for them separately. Again, I hope that would work.

  • Hi there! One question
    do you still get a full print visa stamped on your passport pr do you just get your passport stamped normally?
    I only have half a page left an no space for a full visa as in Laos or Cambodia

    • Since you already have the visa I definitely would stick with the VOA. Depending on what time you’re arriving, you might have no line. I flew on CX from HKG – SGN on the morning flight and when I arrived there was absolutely no one at the landing visa office.

      Check flightstats to see how many overseas flights are arriving when you are, and you can guestimate how many people may be wanting a VOA.

  • Hi. I am trying to follow this process, and all of it is successful, but in the section..

    Grant Evisa valid from
    (DD/MM/YYYY) *

    No matter what date I enter, I always get the error message..

    “Date > intended date of entry not allowed”

    Did you experience this at all?


    • This field should be auto populated with the current date. A calendar should pop up once this box is clicked and you’ll select your intended date of arrival.

      If you select a date that is too close to the current date, or a date in the past you will receive this error.

      Ensure you select a date 3 or more days in the future since it takes 3 days to process the visa.

      • There’s an input field in the form called “Intented date of entry”; If the “Grant Evisa valid from” is after the “Intented date of entry” then you will receive this error because you can’t get the visa valid date that is after the date you expect to enter. The other way around works, meaning you can specify the E-visa valid date before the intended date of entry.

  • So did you have to hold on to the printed e-visa during your trip?

    Also the time I went to Vietnam a few years ago, I had a loose leaf visa and they stamped the loose leaf visa and not my passport. Just curious if you had to ask them to stamp your passport or they just did it? So want a stamp in my passport this time around.

    • Hi Gerald,

      I didn’t see the e-visa after arriving in Vietnam, but I kept it with my passport in case they wanted to see it. Doesn’t hurt to carry an extra piece of paper around. I threw it away after leaving the country.

      Immigration stamped my passport and wrote in the length of stay validity into my passport directly. Nothing was written on the printed e-visa.

  • Thanks Chris this is really helpful! Can you confirm that you only had to enter between those dates and that the 30 days started when you actually arrived in Vietnam? We won’t know our exact dates until a week or so before so I’m hoping this is the case.

    • You definitely need to enter between those dates, as that’s what the visa specifies. The 30 days does NOT start when you arrive. The latest date shown on your visa is when you need to leave Vietnam by.

      Therefore, if you require the full 30 days or so, I would suggest not applying for the visa until you know the actual date you will arrive. Updated article to reflect this. Thanks!

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