50% off Scoot Fares to Singapore

Scoot has officially been flying to HKG from Singapore SIN for a year now. And to celebrate their anniversary, they are offering a nice 50% off selected fares from HKG to Singapore. All-in promo fares are as low as $448 HKD.

In case you never heard of Scoot, they are a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. This promotion is also valid for tickets to Perth, Gold Coast, and Sydney, but you’ll have to connect through Singapore to get to those destinations.

Scoot HK

Booking period:  now and 11:59 pm on November 17th.

Travel period: 15 Nov 2014 to 31 Mar 2015

Promo Code: 1YEAROLD

Scoot Airlines Sale

$447, $1 less than advertised!

In another little twist, if you spot Scoot’s CEO, Campbell Wilson, in Hong Kong on November 17th, you could earn yourself free ScootBiz tickets and vouchers. All you have to do is say “I love Scoot” to Campbell to win. For more details of where you can catch Campbell in Hong Kong log onto www.facebook.com/flyscoot. As of this writing I don’t see any hints as to where he’ll be yet, I guess the airport?

Another interesting tidbit, Scoot will be flying the 787 between SIN and HKG, cool!

In January 2015, Scoot will introduce it’s very first, brand-new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, ‘Dream Start’, on the Hong Kong – Singapore route.  Hong Kong, along with Perth, will be the first destinations in Scoot’s network to enjoy the 787, which features inflight internet connectivity, more than 20 streaming movies and TV shows, and in-seat power as well as all the other features you’ve come to love from Scoot. 

Also in January, Scoot and our sister airline Tigerair will be teaming up to offer even greater choice and flexibility between Singapore and Hong Kong.  Guests will be able to seamlessly book flights of both carriers via www.flyscoot.com, providing four flights per day in each direction – so you can get outta here, to Singapore or beyond, at a time that suits you best!

Flight Schedules* 

Flight No.DepartureArrivalFrequency
TZ 22107201105Daily
TR 206310551500Daily
TR 205313001705Mon, Thu
TR 205515552000Mon, Tue
TR 205517552200Wed
TR 206718502255Daily
TR 206921350135 +1Fri, Sat, Sun


Flight No.DepartureArrivalFrequency
TZ 22001550535Daily
TR 206206201015Daily
TR 205208201220Mon, Thu
TR 205411151515Mon, Tue
TR 205412551655Wed
TR 206614101810Daily
TR 206817002055Fri, Sat, Sun


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  1. sxc says:

    $448 doesn’t appear anywhere.

    Cheapest is $325 + tax which would be $610 or $652 depending which direction.

    • Hi SXC, I found a fare for $162 + fees which comes out to $447, one dollar less than advertised. See the image I just updated the post with. You need to put the promo code in when searching fares, and make sure it’s in CAPS. “1YEAROLD”

      You can just scroll left and right on the dates to see which days are cheapest.

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