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Top Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Cards 2015

Update November 8, 2017: 2017 Top HK SIM Card Guide

Visitors coming to Hong Kong are always asking about the best SIM Cards for their needs. There is no one-size fits all prepaid SIM card, and it really depends on a few factors; primarily:

  • Length of stay
  • Voice calls vs data usage
  • SIM card size (micro vs nano)
  • Roaming needs

Cost is usually not a huge factor as telecommunications is relatively cheap here in HK, and each card is more or less around the same price to remain competitive.

If I had to pick my top three, here are my recommendations:

  • Hong Kong only: China Mobile 4G/3G Data & Voice
  • Greater China (China, HK, Macau, Taiwan): China Unicom Cross Border King Dual-Number
  • HK and other countries (includes roaming): one2free Power Prepaid SIM

All prices and costs in this article are in HKD. Pegged at 7.8 HKD per 1 USD.

China Mobile 4G/3G Data & Voice

I’d say the China Mobile 4G/3G Data & Voice prepaid SIM is the best overall card for use in Hong Kong only, for data and voice usage as the name implies. It’s available in both micro-SIM and nano-SIM sizes, so will fit almost all phones these days.

china mobile 4g3g-data-voice-prepaid-sim-card

Local calls are a mere $0.10 per minute and only $0.18 per minute for IDD (overseas calls)

IDD calls to:

  • China, Canada, Singapore, USA (mobile + fixed line;)
  • Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, UK, and India (fixed-line.)

For data, there’s a 1 day, 5 day, and 10 day package. The 10 days data is a slower version of 3G, but perfectly acceptable for web surfing, e-mails, etc. Data service is a bargain at $30 HKD for 10 days. That’s only $3 HKD a day.

$80 to buy this card with $78 of stored value. You can purchase it at most convenience stores, China Mobile retail outlets, or at Hong Kong SIM Card.

China Unicom Cross Border King Dual-Number

Plan to visit China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau? The Cross Border King Dual-Number prepaid SIM is the best card for use in the Greater China region, as you can use the same SIM card in each of the aforementioned countries. Only drawback, it only comes in regular-SIM and micro-SIM sizes. Those of you with nano-SIM phones will need to cut the card yourself using scissors or a SIM card cutter. (Just cut all of the excess plastic around the chip.)

Costs to use the Cross Border card are certainly higher than a Hong Kong only prepaid SIM card, but it really gives you the flexibility of roaming without worrying about switching SIM cards & finding local options. It also provides two phone numbers, one mainland China number and one Hong Kong number for others to reach you at.

china unicom cross border king

Voice calls range from $0.45 to $3.00 generally, depending which countries you’re in and calling to. It isn’t very cheap, but a short call here and there won’t break the bank.

Data is available, and a cheaper option over voice if you want to use a messaging app like WeChat or Whatsapp. You don’t get a huge allowance of data, so avoid downloading videos. Generally web surfing and e-mail will be fine. (Keep in mind Google, Instagram, Facebook, amongst others are often blocked in China.)

$120 to buy this card with $120 of stored value. Some convenience stores may carry it, you can purchase at a China Unicom retail store or online at Hong Kong SIM Card as well. (Not as common to find as the other two cards.)

One2Free Power Prepaid SIM

one2free’s Power Prepaid SIM is your best choice if you are visiting Hong Kong and plan to roam as well. You could definitely use this only in Hong Kong as well, but as compared with the China Mobile card, the data fees are slightly higher.

Roaming is available to countries worldwide, not just Asia. Great if you want to do a trip to HK, Thailand, Malaysia, & Singapore, etc; and won’t want to bother getting new SIM cards everywhere. See full list and fees covered.

Local calls are a mere $0.10 per minute and only $0.18 per minute for IDD (overseas calls.) Full list of IDD countries.

one2free-power prepaid

Data fees range depending on the length and allotment:

  • Hourly Unlimited: $8
  • Day Pass Unlimited: $28
  • 7 Day Pass Unlimited: $78
  • 30 Day 300 MB: $38
  • 30 Day 1 GB: $88

You’ll get a 30% bonus when you recharge the phone card.

$88 to buy this card with $88 of stored value. You can buy it at most convenience stores, one2free retail outlets, or at Hong Kong SIM Card.


For all of these cards, if you run out of stored-value, you can top-up the value of the card and refill additional money onto the card online or in a store.

These prepaid SIM cards are carried at local convenience stores such as Circle K, 7-11, Vanguard, etc. Availability is hit or miss, sometimes they will be out of stock, especially the airport store. You might need to search a few stores before finding the card you want. Otherwise another option is to use Hong Kong SIM Card and have the card shipped to you so you’ll have it upon arrival.

Hope this article helps you with your prepaid SIM selection during your visit! Let us know your experience with these cards below and if you agree with my view on it.

30 Responses
  • Arvind
    Friday, September 2, 2016

    Hi, I will be in HK for around 6 months. Mostly need sim card for receiving calls, making some international calls (to India) and limited 3G data, with good connectivity, as wifi is available most of the time. Which card do you recommend?

  • Eric Lei
    Sunday, April 10, 2016

    Hi , I will be traveling Hong Kong ,China , Macau and Taiwan ( 1 week ) during May and June ( total 40 days). I need to make call to USA , Canada and New Zealand ( mobile ). I may need some data too ( facebook and whatapps ) . Which card do you recommend ? Thanks

  • Joyce
    Friday, February 26, 2016

    I am traveling to hong kong for 4 days . I need data only for Internet , no need phone call . Which sim card should I get and is it available in all 7-eleven store ?

  • Peter
    Friday, February 5, 2016

    Hi, I am staying in HK for a few months. Usually I don’t make nor receive phone calls. When I do, only talk for less than a minute. Let’s say I talk on the phone for less than 2 minutes per month. In another country, I use 4G of about 3-3.5GB data per month. In HK, I mainly use the internet on the MTR. Which card do you recommend? Thanks.

  • Joel
    Sunday, January 17, 2016

    i need a sim card with unlimited data for 30 days in hong kong what do you suggest ?

  • faye
    Sunday, January 3, 2016

    hi looking for sim for when I travel to hk (4 days) and thailand(2 and half weeks)

    do you suggest just getting separate sim cards in each country or sticking with One2Free?

    need 2 sums for 2 people- good data and making emergency calls between them

    Many thanks

    • faye
      Sunday, January 3, 2016

      sorry ignore  

      faye January 3, 2016 at 1:57 am

  • faye
    Sunday, January 3, 2016

    travelling to Hong Kong for 3 days and thailand for 2 and half weeks.
    what do you u suggest?
    -One2Free Power Prepaid SIM looks good but we don’t mind getting one for each country if overall it’ll be cheaper

    I need 2 sim cards for 2 travellers where data is important and can make emergency calls to one another
    many thanks

  • David
    Tuesday, December 1, 2015

    Hi, nice Article. Do any of those sim cards work outside Hong Kong? Eg. in USA, Europe etc.

    • HKTravelBlog
      Wednesday, December 2, 2015

      Most of them support roaming, but it’s very expensive to roam. You’ll have to check the roaming and costs for each card individually.

  • SP
    Sunday, November 29, 2015

    hi, I will be travelling to China, Macau, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which sim card service is better? I will be using quite a bit of data. Hope you can recommend me.

    • HKTravelBlog
      Wednesday, December 2, 2015

      You can try the China Unicom cross border king, but data isn’t that cheap. You might be better finding a local card for mainland china and macau separately if you need a lot of data.

  • MK
    Saturday, November 28, 2015

    Hi, I need a prepaid nano-SIM card for a 30-day period. All I need is voice only, as I plan to use wifi wherever I can. What is the cheapest/best option I can get? Thank you.

    • HKTravelBlog
      Wednesday, December 2, 2015

      Any card should be fine for voice only. They usually expire in 180 days so 30 days coverage should be no problem.

  • Paul
    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    Strange question from me. I have inherited a HK SIM card and it registers (in HK) to “MORE Mobile” but for the life of me I can’t find out who is the service provider and who I need to recharge with. Any ideas?

  • Wang Guoyang
    Friday, November 13, 2015

    Hi,very useful article. Thanks.
    Just have a question mark on including Taiwan in the King-Dual-Number deal.
    Since Taiwan is actually not a part of China, politically and Telecom-infrastructure-wise, I wonder if that deal would really work in Taiwan.

  • Yee
    Friday, November 13, 2015

    Hi HK Travel Blog,

    I will be staying in HK for one month and is looking for a prepaid card for voice call, SMS and lots of data at 4G speed without throttling (need to VPN to work during the month, I am guessing 3-5GB per week). Do you have any recommendation for my need?


    • Yee
      Friday, November 13, 2015

      Also I need this for tethering from phone to laptop in order to connect to work. Thanks again.

      • Greg
        Friday, January 8, 2016

        Hi Yee, what did you end up using?

    • Martin
      Monday, September 12, 2016

      Hi Yee.. what did you end up using? any recommendations as I’m off to HK in 2 weeks and I need about 5gb per week

  • Cece
    Friday, October 23, 2015

    Hey HK Travel Blog,

    I’m staying in Hong Kong for 2 months and need only data, because making calls isn’t needed if using Whatsapp. I hear free wifi is available everywhere in HK, so why do some prepaid cards mention free unlimited wifi? Do I need their specific card in order to access wifi?

    I have researched many websites, but cannot find a good answer. The China mobile states that the 10 day data add on can not be subscribed more than once, so that is not an option for me. The website for One2Free has been changed to CSL, and I cannot find the prepaid card listed on the website.

    What do you recommend for my situation?

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers from Canada.

  • Joanna
    Sunday, October 4, 2015

    Hi, I will be HK for 3 weeks or so in December, I would like to know which one is best? I might travel to Macau or mainland.

    Local & IDD Phone, text & data.

    • HKTravelBlog
      Wednesday, November 11, 2015

      Hi Joanna, the cross border king card mentioned in this article will be best since that covers Macau and mainland too!

  • Silvia
    Monday, April 27, 2015

    I’m looking for a no contract plan or sim card with a sufficient amount of data that I can use in HK for around 2 months. I will be there from end of May to end of July. I saw that China Mobile has a 10-day data package for $30HKD and I’m wondering if there is one for a month? Overall, which one of the above would you recommend?

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  • […] To be able to do any of the above on the move, it is necessary to have good mobile internet. There are plenty of options for buying prepaid SIM card. The service that has maximum coverage in China is China Unicom. I usually walk upto a store with some Chinese currency and a passport and buy the appropriate package as per the length of stay and data requirements. Within Shenzhen, the nearest store is typically within 10 minutes of walk. Cash is a must in most places in China. 99.99% of the places do not accept VISA, Amex, Mastercard based cards. At the time of this post, ~200RMB is sufficient to buy a week’s worth of talk-time and data. Google hangout dialer or skype can be used for international calling whenever the tower signal is good. It can be hard using VoIP during the metro rides. In emergencies, GSM based calling is reasonable too. At the time of this post, it is 10RMB/min for a call to India. Although, I have not felt the strong need, some people have suggested using online services to pre-order a SIM card to the hotel – The convenience of getting the SIM card without having to walk to a store is probably worth it. Also, when you are buying a SIM card at the physical store, it is one conversation for which you can’t use google translate or Wechat services. The other advantage with the online service is that you can share the Chinese phone number in advance with the people concerned. There is also an option for a pay-as-you-go permanent Chinese phone number. In my last visit, I used their VPN service and found it to be good. The VPN service offered by 3gsolutions is even better than VyprVPN. A bit pricey though at $7/week. The VPN service works even for people who have not bought a simcard from 3gsolutions. For people who want to frequent between HK and Senzhen, refer to this – […]

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