How to buy Prepaid SIM Cards at Taipei Airport

Flew into TPE recently and wanted to gather all of the information the prepaid SIM cards available there for all my readers. Taipei Airport has plenty of wi-fi/SIM card options for travelers, here’s a run down of what I saw. There’s plenty of options based on length of stay and unlimited data.

Please note, unlike HK, in Taiwan you must register for a SIM card using your passport. Therefore, I would not do anything unscrupulous with this number.

Passport Required for SIM Card

Please note Mandarin is lingua franca, but usually they’ll have a basic grasp of English. I wouldn’t expect you to have much problems buying the SIM cards. People in Taiwan are pretty nice and patient too, they may even help you insert the card into your phone and get the service activated if you ask politely.

Look for this sign at the arrivals hall

Prepaid SIM cards

There are three main mobile companies which sell cards at the airport, Chunghwa, Taiwan Mobile, and FarEast Tone. I have no idea which is the fastest or most reliable, any readers here to share their experience in the comments?

Prices and different plans are available in the photos below. Looks like they’re all competitive with each other, ranging from 3-30 day prepaid SIM card plans. Starting at around $300 NT to $1000 NT. Not cheap by Taiwan standards, but if coming from overseas it’s reasonable. Most plans come with unlimited data and some credit for voice calls!

If you’re planning on making voice calls and run out of credit, you can use Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, or another data based service to make calls. Therefore, I’d really just concern myself with the length of card validity and make sure it fully covers the trip.

Chunghwa Telecom
Taiwan Mobile
FarEast Tone

I didn’t purchase a card myself since I was in Taiwan for a very short period, however my friends purchased from Taiwan Mobile. They didn’t have anything negative to say about the service.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Alternatively, you can also get just a wi-fi hotspot (egg) to use.

Wi-fi Booth

FarEast Tone has selling a wifi hotspot to use during your trip. Personally I find this a bit more cumbersome since you need to rent the device, pay per day, then make sure you return it before you depart. I think it’s easier and cheaper to use your smartphone as the hotspot, but I’m sure it suits the needs of some people.

Rates for Wifi Hotspot aka Router

If you’re traveling to Taiwan and need some SIM card/wi-fi hotspot options, there is no shortage. Just compare the plans with what you need, bring your passport/ID, and some cash. Should be easy and quick, just ensure that your phone is unlocked to be used on any carrier and you won’t have any problems.

Want to have a SIM card in hand while you land? You can order one online from our shop, and we’ll ship one directly to your address so you can turn on your phone right after you land and start using your mobile phone. Currently we carry cards that work in Taiwan, HK, Macau, & China.

Feel free to also visit Tips for buying a prepaid sim in Taiwan from AdventureFilledLife.


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  • A note on compatibility with phones from North America:

    All three carriers (Chunghwa, Taiwan Mobile, Far East Tone) have 3G at 2100 MHz compatible with most unlocked recent model phones from North America.

    For LTE, above carriers use Band 3 (1800 MHz) which is not used in North America. However, some expesnsive North American phones sometimes include Band 3.

    In addition, Chunghwa uses LTE B8 (900), Taiwan Mobile and Far East Tone use LTE B28 (700APT), B8 and B28 are not used in North America.

    Chunghwa does have B7 (2600 MHz) LTE compatible with Rogers and Bell of Canada.

    In summary, for Rogers and Bell Canada unlocked phones, Chunghwa will have a slight advantage of LTE compatibility.

    For US unlocked phones, all 3 carriers have 3G. For LTE, it dependents on how expensive your phone is. Expensive phones tend to include Band 3, but not always.

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