Korea Prepaid SIM Cards and Wifi Router at ICN

Update: check out our 2018 Guide to Korea Prepaid SIM Cards and Wifi Routers, updated May 2018

Most everyone flies into Seoul Incheon (ICN) airport when visiting Korea. I gathered some prepaid SIM card info for you all so you can stay connected while visiting South Korea. It’s pretty straightforward though you might need to wait in line to buy one. The counters were very busy while I went.

Prices are not cheap. Aside from getting the card at the airport, you can get a 7 day 3 GB data SIM card mailed to you before you go to Korea from HKSIMCard. It’s a little cheaper than buying at the airport in Korea.

  • kt is the only company there offering prepaid SIM in the arrival hall.
  • lg offers mobile wifi routers and phones, but no SIM cards.

kt – Korea Telecom

kt offers a few different options; SIM card, wifi router egg, and phone. Won’t be covering phones here, if you need one check the kt site.

Prepaid SIM (voice support) or Data only Prepaid SIM details are as follow:

KindsPeriod of use
27,500 won5days
38,500 won10days
71,500 won30days

The rates are a bit high in my opinion from kt. You can also get a sim card mailed to you, so you have it when you land in Korea, from HKSIMCard. 3GB of 4G data SIM card, valid for 7 days for $26.95 US.

Data Rates

Data RatesCharges to Receive
Charges for Making
Calls/Sending Texts
UnrestrictedFree.International Rates

I recommend the data prepaid SIM. It’s unlimited data, and if you need to make voice calls you can simply use Skype, WhatsApp, or another data based voip program. Then you won’t be charged a separate calling rate. You also don’t need to return the data prepaid SIM.

But if you do want a SIM card that supports voice, rates for calling are:

General Rates

(※ Vat is included.)

Charges for Making Calls/Sending TextsRates
CallDomestic264 won/1 minCharge paid for voice/text services after returning the SIM Card
InternationalInternational Rates
SMSDomestic110 won/case
International330 won/case

I assume you need to leave a credit card if you get a prepaid SIM with voice since they’ll charge you for usage upon card return, bit of a hassle to return the card IMO.

Wifi Egg Router

I don’t like using wifi routers since you can hotspot using any smartphone these days, so basically you’re carrying an extra device around if you choose the router option. You also need to pay a rental fee on top of the usage fee, and return the router after you’re done. Here is the fee breakdown:

Data Rates5,500 won /day
Data unrestricted
Rental fee1-10 days3,300 won / day
11-20 days2,200 won / day
21 days –1,100 won / day

Egg lasts about ten hours.

lg U+ LTE router rental

LG only has routers and phone rental. Little cheaper than kt

Daily rental fee: 3000 won/day (if the rental period is 5 days of longer, rental fees are free from 5th day onwards.)

Daily data service chage: 5000 won/day for unlimited usage

By the way, if you have a long layover, you can get a Seoul free transit tour sponsored by the airport.

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