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Last week I blogged about an unlimited data plan for HK residents. Today’s post is about prepaid SIM cards for visitors and tourists.

All of Hong Kong’s mobile phone companies have prepaid SIM cards available for purchase at their stores, at 7-Eleven, or Circle K. If you are arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, there’s a 7-11 in the center of the arrivals terminal where you can purchase SIM cards as long as they’re in stock.

Before smartphones, it didn’t matter which company you chose as pricing was similar. However, if you need unlimited data, one2free has the best pricing.

Update March 11, 2014: Check out my latest review of the PCCW prepaid sim cards, which offers a 7 day tourist card as well.

Update November 2014: If you are looking to have this card in your hands before you arrive in HK, you can purchase it from our partners at Hong Kong SIM Card, and have it delivered to your address outside of HK.

one2free prepaid sim

You can purchase the one2free mobile broadband prepaid SIM card to make voice calls and use data, pricing details below:

one2free mobile prepaid SIM card Data Service

7.2 Mbps

30-Day Pass – 3GB Highspeed (over 3GB lower priority, unlimited data)

$148/ 30 Days

30-Day Pass – 5GB Highspeed (over 5GB lower priority, unlimited data)

$258/ 30 Days

Hourly Pass Unlimited Data

$8 / Hour

Day Pass Unlimited Data

$28 / Day

7-Day Pass Unlimited Data

$78 / 7 Days

The card comes with $100 loaded, and you can add money to the card. Easiest way is at the on2free store or online. Currently there’s a bonus for recharging.

Recharge(in a single transaction)
Extra Bonus Value
HK$300 or above

As you can see, if you are here for less than 14 days the $78/7 days unlimited data option is cheapest, while any stay over 14 days the $148 30 day pass is best.

Don’t worry about the bandwidth limitation, one2free says “Your priority to access the network will be lowered and your experience may be affected when the network is busy. one2free complies with OFTA’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Fair Usage Policy for the Provision of Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services and will not at any time cap your data access speed below 128kbps.”

Here’s other details:

Local Call$0.3/ min
Video CallIntra-network $1 / min
Inter-network $2 / min
Call Forward$0.3 / forwarded min
Caller ID DisplayFree
Call Waiting
Messaging Services
Local SMS$0.8 / SMS
International SMS
(sent from HK)
$3 / SMS
Mobile Service Licence and Administration FeeFree
Validity period of one2free
Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM Card
180 days
Maximum stored-value limit$5,000


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  • It is a trouble for us to top up WeChat or a alipay. My friend recommend a website :Vpayfast for me.I think it’s ok .This website support WeChat and Alipay top up .It’s convenient.

  • I am studying in America. It is a trouble for us to top up WeChat or a alipay. My friend recommend a website :Vpayfast for me.I think it’s ok .This website support WeChat and Alipay top up .It’s convenient and safe .So I recommend for you.

    • Not sure what you mean by “to another network”. You can use one2free on an iPhone or Android to WiFi tether (i.e. hotspot) to your other devices such as your laptop, friend’s smart phone, etc.

  • hi, if i’m travelling to Hong Kong and would like to get a nano sim for my iphone 6plus, would u recommend the one2free sim card or Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card? I’m looking for one with unlimited data.

  • There’s a lot of choices for the prepaid SIM in HK & I can’t figure out which is the best for me.

    In HK for 3 weeks (22 days), mainly staying HK but might head to the mainland & Macau.
    Talk/text/IDD & maybe some data.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Francis, if your SIM has been inactive for more than 180 days, it is probably inactive (dead) by now, depends on whether you hit the 180 days or not, you can top up remotely on the website to keep it alive if you remember exactly your phone number. I did that with my SIM last year, but I can’t remember exactly what my number was, and I probably top up someone else SIM card !

    one2free is now CSL. The new owner CSL completely fixed the broken one2free website, now you can go to CSL website to choose SIM card based on facts with less guess work:

    Local Prepaid:
    Short term Visitors:

    e.g, if your visit duration is 7 days, you can choose either the Discover HK Tourist Card for $118 5GB data unlimited local voice, or $78 Local Call SIM then buy $68 7-day 3GB data and $10 left for some local voice minutes.

    Both plans include unlimited csl Wi-Fi, full details on the website.

    I live in Canada, now I can even buy the Discover HK Tourist SIM Card from local electronics store (, I can be connected while the plane’s landing-gears touch down and do WhatsApp while the plane is finding its gate.

  • I bought the one2 free SIM card in March 2015 while I was in Hong Kong . Upon departure , the card still has a remaining balance of 20.00 HKD approx. Can I use this SIM card during my visit in Oct 2015..
    How long the card will last for ???

  • I’m leaving for HK this afternoon. Staying there for 5 days – with a daytrip in Macau as well. I have an openline mobile or pocket wifi, which I’m going to bring along. Basically, I just need a prepaid sim card which will allow me to have internet or data access during my stay in HK AND Macau. Will the one2free power prepaid sim card do that for me? Is it still available since links don’t work for me. It directs me to the CSL page and I can’t seem to locate the power prepaid sim card there. Hope you can help me out. Thank you.

  • TelCan provides you the guaranteed lowest and elevated voice quality calling cards. It charges you $0.016/min as low as possible. TelCan rates are all based on one minute billing increment. It offers you the various denominations calling plans that suits to individual need and budget. We offer you 125mins as low as in $2, 313mins in $5, 625mins in $10,938mins in $15, and 1250 in $20. These are the most cost effective plans which we provide you to accomplish your needs.

  • Q: once I buy a prepaid plan, can I change it while keeping the same sim card/ given telephone number? And, does the sim expiration date (in 6mos) means I won’t be able to use it beyond such expiration date even if I continuously re-charge it?
    …I’m planning to stay in HK just over 7 months (unsure if more at this time), and would like to keep my same HK cell phone number throughout my stay. bought a One2free peepaid SIM card – not sure of it’s name, but it is a 7 day “unlimited” data plan with voice features for HK$100 per week. Added the voicemail feature for $5 per month. Is this the most cost effective one2free prepaid plan you would recommend for me? PS: mostly using apps, Skype Interface and few voice minutes to make and receive local HK calls. Any advice on the above will be much appreciated 🙂

  • Help! I arrived in hk yesterday and purchased the one2free power prepaid for $180. I activated it for two $78/7 days data pass so I still have $24 left for calls. My question is how do I check how much data I have used? I think my biggest data usage would be a video call via wechat or whatsapp. My understanding is that the plan I have will be a soft cap plan. I just want to see how close I am to the cap when I do video calls.

    • Alex, I am not sure how to check data usage. Try *101# or *109#.
      My rough estimate of video call is 5 to 8 MB data per minute.

  • Hi,

    My situation is, I will travel to hk for 30 days next month. I have a iPhone 6 that use nano sim and it will be used for data only. I have a laptop but only requires internet rarely for emergency (downloading and printing pdf forms).

    Ideally, I am hoping there is a prepaid sim card that allows tethering or setting up personal hotspot so I can share the internet/data from mobile to laptop.

    If not, my options seems to be
    1) the cheapest one2free cheapest $48 sim for the $88/1GB 30 day
    2) $148 one2free Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM Card and one2free Mobile Broadband Starter Pack

    Any other suggestion?

    My other question, does any know if Option 2 $148 include the USB modem or is there another HK$xxx for the USB modem.

    Thank you.

  • Calvin: the 30-day 5GB may be a hard cap. Check with the folks that sell these SIM card. If that is the case, 5GB is still a lot of data, check usage by dialing *101# or *109# while you are in Hong Kong to make sure you don’t hit a brick wall.

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