Best 2016 Tourist HK Prepaid SIM Cards

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Updated November 8, 2016
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Our 2016 version of our annual prepaid-SIM card round-up is here! I hope it comes in handy and includes the latest prepaid SIM cards which are available in Hong Kong. We’ll tell you which we think is the best SIM card based on what you need, and chose from cards that we found to be readily available here in HK.

All prices in this post are in local HKD. 1 USD = $7.80 HKD.

Where to buy

SIM cards in Hong Kong are sold at many mobile phone shops and convenience stores such as 7-11, VanGo, or Circle K. Card stock does tend to fluctuate so your preferred card may not always be available. You do not need to show any identification as in other countries, and can activate it simply by popping it into your phone.

Alternatively if you want to have the SIM card in hand to use as soon as you land/enter Hong Kong, you can order it via our sister site, The card will be delivered worldwide to your mailing address.


Be sure to make sure your phone works in Asia, is unlocked, and the proper size to buy, micro or nano. Each of these SIM cards provide you with a new local HK phone number (country code +852) and are rechargeable if you need to add funds to it.

Additionally, I like to keep some adhesive tape when I travel so I can tape my SIM card someplace. They’re so small these days and very easy to lose or mis-place. I’ve found a coin pocket or taped deep inside my wallet is a great place to store my card.

Hong Kong Only Cards

Everyone wants data these days so this is the best one as long as you aren’t downloading videos or large files:

Voice is cheap at $0.1/min and data is available $30/10 days which is an absolute steal. China Mobile calls this 3G lite, maximum local data access speed will be reached up to 384kbps which is perfectly fine for normal web surfing / emails / whatsapp / we chat / etc.

It’s also great for IDD, long-distance calling to a multitude of countries, since IDD charges are only about $0.18/min.

China Mobile 4G 3G Data Voice Prepaid SIM Card

If on the other hand you really need fast data, check out this one:

  • csl Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM: $88 / 5 days or $118 / 8 days

This card comes in two versions, a 5 or 8 day with unlimited voice and wi-fi. Data included is 1.5GB or 5GB respectively, and full 4G speed. Use these cards if you need unlimited calling/wi-fi and/or want high-speed data. You can extend the card another 5 days  for $48 which includes 1.5GB data.

csl discover hk tourist sim

Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau Cards

You’re a bit limited if you want something relatively inexpensive that covers HK, China, TW, and Macau, but this card does the trick, as long as you don’t use too much data/voice:

Cross Border King card is greater for some calling, some data, but not much of either or you’ll end up using all your credit quickly. It does have a cool feature if giving you both a HK (country code +852) and mainland China number (country code +86) on one SIM card. Voice calls are roughly $0.45/min and data package between HK and China of $35/100MB/month or $78/500MB/7 days. Good for whatsapp, wechat, e-mails, small web surfing. Taiwan or Macau data charges are $68/day

china unicom cross border king

Hong Kong and Roaming outside China Cards

This category is a bit tough, since roaming is really expensive, but here’s our selection for best overall for roaming:

Voice and Data:

  • China Mobile 4G/3G Data & Voice Roaming Prepaid SIM Card: $108

Voice and data charges are going to vary depending where you’re going and how much you’re using. You’re going to have to refer to the charges for voice and charges for data. The plus side with this card is that the data charge will max out with a daily charge in a bunch of countries so you won’t have insane charges as long as you’re aware of the coverages.

4G 3G Data Voice Roaming Prepaid SIM Card

Data Only:

  • 7-11 APAC Roaming Prepaid SIM Card: $198

Only available at 7-11 this card provides 500MB of data over 5 days. Good for short trips amongst the following countries only: China, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

China-SIM-7-Connect APAC


As you can tell, there’s really no one best card, it depends on your situation. We didn’t recommend prepaid SIM cards from Smartone or Three, the other two big companies because they weren’t readily found outside their own stores. PCCW is also a big brand name in Hong Kong, but recently merged with csl. One2free is also csl now.

As mentioned, you can purchase the cards at convenience stores or HK SIM Card online if you don’t want to worry about searching for a card. Don’t forget to bring your pin if you need to pop your SIM card out of your phone!


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  • hi, I need a sim card which provides high speed and high volume data, cause I will staying in a place where there is NO wifi provided. which card works ? thanks

  • Hi there im flying to HK in March for 14 days! Which sim card would you recommend and i’l will be making alot of local calls and surf online in HK to keep contact with my relatives! Thank you x

  • Hi we are going to Hong Kong four days, then China including far west and Tibet for six weeks. What should we do to access the internet, use what’s app, etc. for seven weeks? Should we buy sim card in Hong Kong? We will be on trains a bit and would like access to the net.

  • Hi! I’ll be staying in Hong Kong from June 15 to August 7 for a student exchange program, so that’s roughly 2 months. I just want to ask if there are any simcards that has unlimited data. I’m okay with slow speed internet since I will just use it for navigation when I’m outside. We have WiFi in our university dorms. What simcard is the best to buy? Also, I saw this package from China Mobile, 3G Lite Data Package $30 for 10 Days. I am wondering if I can extend this to 2 months? I also saw this CMHK Kabayan Data Prepaid SIM Card on China Mobile website. Any thoughts or experience using this? Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Hi, I will stay in Hong Kong for 2 months, I need voice, possibly unlimited data, making international calls and rechargeable SIM card. Can you recommend me a nano sim card for staying 30 days and more please? Thank you.

  • Hi, I am staying in HK for a few months. Usually I don’t make nor receive phone calls. When I do, only talk for less than a minute. Let’s say I talk on the phone for less than 2 minutes per month. In another country, I use 4G of about 3-3.5GB data per month. In HK, I mainly use the internet on the MTR. Which card do you recommend? Thanks.

    • Peter, I’m about to leave for Hong Kong for a few months and use similar voice/data amounts. Which SIM card did you end up going with? Thanks.

  • Hi. I’m visiting Hong Kong for 5 days and will stop over in macau for another 3 days. As i’m travelling with my family, we will be using more data for navigations. Can you recommend me a sim card that will be good for my situation? Thanks

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