Hong Kong MTR to Shenzhen Metro connections

Shenzhen Metro Line 4 has been in operation for awhile now, which means there are two ways to connect to Shenzhen Metro from Hong Kong’s MTR.

  1. HK MTR to Lo Wu Station connects to Shenzhen Metro Line 1 Luo Hu Station
  2. HK MTR to Lok Ma Chau Station connects to Shenzhen Metro Line 4 Futian Check Point Station

To get to Shenzhen via anywhere on the MTR line in Hong Kong, take the Kwun Tong (green) MTR line to Kowloon Tong and do a short 5 min walk to the East Rail (light blue) line which brings you north to the HK/China mainland border.

Another option is to transfer at Hung Hom Station, which is the first/last top on the East Rail line; or at Tai Wai if coming from the Ma On Shan line.


HK MTR Map as of March 2014

If you are going to older downtown part of Shenzhen on the East, go via Lo Wu. This is the original checkpoint and most passengers travel through here. For Futian and the Western part of Shenzhen, try Lok Ma Chau. I find the crossing to be a bit more bearable, modern, and less crowded.

Although oddly enough, Line 1 travels from East to West and Line 4 travels from South West to North East. Keep in mind you may have to do a transfer or two depending on your final stop. You can check out the Shenzhen Metro map here, and obtain fares and travel times.

If you’re headed to Shenzhen International Airport, I suggest going through Lo Wu although it’s further. This is because it’s at the opposite end of line 1, so you can get a good seat at the first stop and have a place to place your luggage and not have to deal with transfers. If you go through Lok Ma Chau, you need to transfer and won’t get a seat most likely. It takes about 1 hour from either border.

Shenzhen Metro Fares

SZMC fares are based on distance, starting at 2 RMB for the first 4 km. It’s extremely affordable. A ride from Lo Wu to the Airport only costs 9 RMB for example, which is the furthest you’ll go. If you’ll be traveling a lot in one day, you can buy a day pass for 20 RMB, no matter where you go in the system.

You can also purchase a Shenzhen Tong Pass which is basically the same as an Octopus card. You’ll get a 5% discount on trips using the Tong Pass and can recharge it at the stations.

SZ Metro Map

Shenzhen Metro Map

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  1. David Zhu says:

    Just to remind, the SZMC link doesn’t work. Also, Shenzhen Metro Map got expanded, you can update it with a new one. And the airport got its own station on Line 11 now. -A local Shenzhener

  2. Kiahui says:

    Hello. Just to check will be good for shopping in Shenzhen? Thanks.

  3. Stephane says:

    Your HK MTR map is not the latest current one. The West Rail and East Rail lines are now connected.
    The updated map would give a better understanding of the Interchanges between TST, TST East and Hung Hom; Need to change another train at Hung Hom.

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