Review: Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge

In my previous post, I talked about my experience trying to do a direct turn in Da Nang to take advantage of the Cathay Pacific New Years Mistake Fare (and how miserably I failed). I ended up spending 9 hours in Da Nang before the next available flight back to Hong Kong, so I went to check out the only lounge in Da Nang Airport and spent 5 hours in this lounge.

The CIP Orchid lounge is the only lounge in Da Nang international departure. After security and immigration, just make a right turn and you will see a big LED sign indicating a staircase up to the CIP Orchid Lounge. The lounge is a Priority Pass Lounge, where you get 3 hours free access. Entries can also be purchased for 25USD per person for 3 hours. The lounge only accepts Vietnam Dong and US Dollar.

The lounge is not huge, just one big rectangular space. The seatings are pretty diverse, you get some interesting designs as well as the usual comfortable couches. The lounge can easily seat 60 to 80 people.

Food and Drinks

The food area is right after the entrance of the lounge. You get some dining tables near the buffet as well as some high chairs if you wish to sit by the window overlooking the city. Throughout my time at the lounge, there was ample seating and almost no crowding. That is despite it being the only lounge in Da Nang.

There is a salad and fruits station with just a few selections. The fruits are really fresh as you would expect when you fly through Vietnam, but the salad is mediocre. I enjoyed the fruit a lot but not for the salad.

There are about 6 to 8 hot dishes on offer. The hot food is offered throughout the day and the selection is the same from lunch to dinner during my time I stayed in the lounge. The quality and taste of the food is typical lounge buffet food and nothing worth mentioning.

By the main hot buffet, there is also a small selection of bread.

Bread Selection Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge

There is a self-service noodle station that has dried rice noodles and instant noodles with beef. You can add seasonings yourself and use the hot water to make the broth. It tasted quite bad as the flavouring pack is full of MSG, I had a taste and did not even finish it.

Hot Water For Noodles Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge
Dried Rice Noodle With Beef Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge

Overall, the food is pretty lacking in both the choices and quality. Unfortunately, there are not many food places in Da Nang Airport. Alternative food options include only a Burger King by gate 9, some cafes scattered around, and a Vietnamese food place when you go down the waiting area of gate 5. I just had fruits for the entire 5 hours I stayed there and just gave the other food a little taste for review sake.

There is not a lot of drinks on offer. All they have is some milk, juice, soda and a few regional beers. I have definitely seen better offerings in contract lounges. They do have a coffee machine and some tea bags available but I tried neither of them this time.

Soda and Beer Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge
Coffee Machine Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge
Tea Selection Da Nang CIP Orchid Lounge

Other Facilities

There are 2 massage chairs at the back of the lounge. You have to look hard for it as they are in a corner that is hardly noticeable. Only until I decided to leave the lounge, I saw these chairs on my way out.

Massage Chairs Da Nang CIP Orchid lounge

There is a shower facility in this lounge, it is located in the toilet with one single shower suite. You can collect your towel from a cabinet and use the shower anytime as you wish. It seems that this lounge mostly has self-service facilities like the noodle station and now the shower. I did not use the shower but this is what it looks like:

The shower seems pretty basic and I don’t expect much from it.

There is also a few iMacs that I forgot to take pictures of. It is not really a business centre as they don’t have a printer in there when I visited. I was able to get some work done on these computers though.


This lounge is mediocre at best. However, it does have almost all of what you need. There is constant hot food, a business centre (ish), a shower and massage chairs for you to relax. But the quality of these offerings is just really lacking. I would not recommend paying a special visit to this lounge but it is worth checking it out.

Has anyone of you visited this lounge before?

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