Turkish Towels: great to travel with


A few weeks ago I received a travel towel to try out from Teresa’s Turkish Towels. They’re a wife and husband expat team who are based in Hong Kong, but the towels are made in Turkey. They’re avid readers of the blog so we’ve met on a few occasions, including the meet-up in March when they graciously gave us a few of them, so I figured we’d share our experience using them.

The towel is made of Turkish cotton and was a striking pattern in bright green and white. It had tassle ties at either end. There was a range of colours and sizes from which to choose. See other ones in the pic that are yellow and blue stripes, and gray with orange stripes!

When I first saw the towel, it struck me that it looked rather like a sarong. But in fact as a towel it works well – it is absorbent, comfortable to the touch and quite fast drying. As it is not very bulky it is relatively easy to roll up into a compact bundle and put it in a bag when travelling.

What I especially liked about the stylish towel, however, was in fact the fact that not only did it look like a sarong, it could be used as one as well. When travelling, it’s often helpful to have some fabric that can perform multiple uses – a sarong for when one is at the beach, something upon which to lie or to line a bed for hygiene or comfort, a headscarf at religious sites, a picnic blanket outdoors or on a train journey, and more. Normally I would not use a towel for all of these uses, but I appreciated the fact that this towel was versatile and durable enough to serve these multiple purposes ably. One night, hiking overnight in Sai Kung with a falling temperature and mounting drizzle, I also used it to wrap around me and add an extra layer of warmth.

Upon washing the towel became softer to the touch and has become comfortable both as a towel and for other uses. I wasn’t expecting to have strong feelings about the towel but I’ve come to like it a lot and plan to use it when travelling in future.


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