Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge, London Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow is one of Cathay’s most popular outports (we have reviewed the Heathrow route here and we also compared BA and Cathay in economy). It operates from Terminal 3, and the good news for Cathay flyers is that that terminal has an excellent choice of One World lounges, including BA (we reviewed their first class lounge), Qantas and American. The cherry on the cake is that Cathay has its own business class lounge in Terminal 3 and it is excellent.

Lounge Location

The lounge entrance is beside several other lounges in terminal three and is clearly signposted. There is a lift to take people one floor up to the lounge.

The Space

This is a fair sized space although the sub divisions slightly hide that fact. Sometimes the lounge can be quite busy, as for example before the overnight flights to points East depart. But I have never been in and felt that the lounge was uncomfortably occupied.

There is a long window with aircraft views and comfortable chairs ranged beside it.

The lounge is well staffed and the staff are friendly and helpful.

The Design

This is designed in the same style as other updated Cathay lounges we have reviewed, such as Bangkok, Taipei and The Deck in Hong Kong. The use of wood, brass and restrained elegant colours makes this feel both more relaxing and in my opinion more premium than the starker design of the old London lounge. The lighting is well thought through so that the lounge achieves cosiness without sacrificing light quality, and there is a decent supply of plug sockets.

There is a wide range of chairs and sofas, as well as a communal table that seems to see little use, perhaps restrained British passengers like communal eating less than Asians.

Food and Drink

The lounge provides a good selection of hot and cold food in buffet format. In addition it has a staffed noodle bar with a sizeable seating area.

The food is pretty good although the design gets in the way for a bit, for example shelves make it difficult to serve oneself from the soup pot with only two hands.

The focal point of the lounging area is a manned bar which carries a good selection of drinks of middling quality. It is a shame that the only beer on draft is a Continental lager not British ale. Generally, though, the wide selection of drinks, friendly service and generous pours improve the lounge experience.

Other Amenities

There are showers off the corridor at the front of the lounge.

There is a small, comfortable working area equipped with computers and printers. Additionally at the end of it is a comfortably appointed, spacious, lockable private phone booth – this is an excellent and well-executed idea.

There is a good selection of international newspapers and magazines.


This is a fabulous business class lounge. It is comfortable, has what you need whatever your purpose in the lounge and is well thought through.

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