Plaza Premium LHR T5 Lounge Review: clean and modern!

If you didn’t get to read my T2 Plaza Premium lounge review, feel free to check it out. T5’s Plaza Premium lounge is next to Gate 7. It’s certainly much newer than the one at T2 and I would definitely stop by here next time I’m at LHR. It’s about the same size as T2, but was much less crowded when I went in the mid evening around 630pm.

T5 Lounge Entrace

The shape of the lounge is a bit different, this one is long and narrow vs T2’s more boxy layout. It’s a lot quieter with more private seating and has a view onto the tarmac which is nice. It feels super airy and not claustrophobic at all. Perfect for a relaxing experience.

Seating area
Long lounge: seating
Private seating

Food offerings were fairly similar, soup was different through. Cream of mushroom here versus carrot and coriander at the T2 lounge. The full bar is super nice and had a few TVs if you want to catch the latest sporting event! Feel free to grab a soft drink at the bar.

Food buffet
High work tables

Despite not saying on the website, there is a small shower at the T5 lounge. I took some pictures for you. It’s not as nice at the T2 showers though, there is a plastic curtain and less space. It’ll do the trick though for a quick refresh. (nice that it’s accessible too!)

Shower Bench
Shower Sink
Accessible shower

Overall I liked T5’s Plaza Premium lounge more than T2’s, but both will suffice if you’re looking for a calm place to shower, work, or get a drink and bite. Check it out next time you fly into London Heathrow.

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