LHR T2 Plaza Premium Departure Lounge Review

Recently traveled through LHR on a 5 hour layover. Decided to hop around and check out some of the Plaza Premium lounges in London for you.

I arrived T5, but the Plaza website didn’t show showers available in T5, so I went to T2 to access the lounge there. (I could’ve also gone to T4, but the T2 bus came first.) It’s a little cumbersome to change terminals since you need to go through security each time, not sure why. Once arrived at T2, I told the lady I was going to the lounge and she let me proceed, it’s right past the boarding pass check on the right.

T2 Plaza Premium Lounge

Lovely entrance area with some cool hanging art!

Entrance Foyer
Common Area
Bar with TVs

The lounge here is a a few years old, but still has a modern touch and design. It’s interior though, so no windows. It was a bit crowded at the time I went in the early evening. Little hard to find a decent seat, but there were some spaces open.

There’s plenty of showers if you choose to use. I like to take a shower after a long flight to get a refresh. Showers were plenty clean and had enough space to open your luggage. There’s a toilet inside too and some toiletries which is nice. No complaints here, except I couldn’t get the temperature of the water quite right, either too hot or cold. Highly recommend using the showers here vs T5. T5 lounge only has one shower and not nearly as large.

Toilet and sink
Spacious shower
Shower amenities

The lounge had a front bar area and a dining area to the side. Offerings were some meatballs, rice, curry, chicken, soup, and some other basic offerings. It’s not a huge spread like you see in Asia, but certainly enough food for you to have a meal. The quality of the cooking was tasty and certainly better than anything you’d get on your flight.

Meal was decent! Carrot and coriander soup.
Food Buffet (sorry, refilling food)
Drinks Fridge (wish there was water bottle)

Drinks are readily available including a huge fridge with soft drinks. I would’ve appreciated a water bottle to take on the plane, but you may be able to ask for a sparkling water in bottle at the bar.

Wifi was fast and overall the lounge is a nice place to relax in between flights. I hopped over to T5 after a short rest again since my connecting flight departed out of there.

Overall this lounge is great. It’s a nice respite from the rest of the terminal and you can easily make it worthwhile by taking a shower or grabbing a meal and some drinks! Don’t hesitate to stop in next time you are at Heathrow!

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