HX Club Autus Review (HKG Airport): Fantastic place to eat and relax

Club Autus, pronounced “aw-tus”, is Hong Kong Airline’s brand new flagship lounge at HKIA. Apparently it means expansion in Latin, which is the direction Hong Kong Airlines is headed these days. Club Autus located by the 200 gates where you take the airport train to the last stop. This terminal and lovely and the lounge is a fantastic relaxing reprieve from the busy, often chaotic Hong Kong International Airport. I took a lot of photos so you should know what to expect before you arrive.

After getting off the train at the 200 gates, you go up some escalators and pass some nice calming artwork. The lounge is located up another set of escalators (behind Bossini) located right in the center of the terminal, sign are clear to the lounge.

Flora at HKIA, I’m guessing they’re artificial
Artwork at HKIA

Entry was easy and the lounge was fairly quiet when I went around 11am on a Sunday. There’s a set of bathrooms right when you walk in on the left, along with some showers if you need. Lounge colors are bright and soothing with a white, blue, brown theme. I did pop into the bathroom and the toilet stalls are futuristic with a big lighted occupied sign, beam me up.

Welcome desk
Fancy bathroom stalls

Back in the lounge there’s plenty of seating on the right side, with varying types of tables from lounge chairs, dining tables, to high stools. I appreciated the variety since these days everyone has a different preference and reminds me of a co-working space. I like the modern look with some curves and separate areas that have distinctly different feelings depending on your mood.

Seating near the entryway
Plenty of seating!
Seating and walkway
Cool ceiling panels in the terminal
Seats near the family area
Seating towards the back windows
Discovering so much seating!

The left side has a long bar and buffet area with tons of different food. There’s also an on-demand noodle bar at the end where they’ll whip you up a nice piping hot bowl of your choosing. The menu was pretty nice, since you had a selection of noodles to choose from, unlike some other lounges where there’s only one item each day.

Long buffet bar
Drink area, she’s camera shy

The buffet has a variety of Western and Asian offerings, including hot foods and a salad bar. Food was decent, but I wouldn’t say you’ll be having a gourmet meal here. Certainly tasty for airport food, and you won’t be left hungry with the plethora of offerings.

More hot foods!
Hot buffet items
Cute condiment containers
Noodle soup and tea!
More food, weird mix, I know!
Noodle and soup menu made-to-order!

The best part of the lounge in my opinion is the relaxation areas. Some other lounges, such as the Qantas lounge, don’t have many relaxing or sleeping areas. Club Autus has plenty towards the back, including semi-private sleeping areas with blankets. There are free steam eye masks, whatever that is. I was afraid to try it but I’m sure they wouldn’t burn my eyebrows off. Hong Kong Airlines did a great job here, offering a nice napping area and I applaud them.

Sleeping lounger with blanket
Steam eye mask

By the way, if you want a massage, this fancy chair should provide a decent massage, but I didn’t get to try it.

Massage chair

Overall the lounge is a really nice space to relax, unwind, eat, and grab a drink before your flight. It’s offer to business class passengers or their Fortune Wings elite passengers. You could also purchase a day pass at $350HK. It’s open from 6am to 130am daily.

View of the gates

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