Air France/KLM Lounge at SFO Review

Air France/KLM has a small lounge at SFO’s international terminal. Reviews are pretty poor, but it’s actually not too bad for a US based lounge if you temper your expectations and suited my needs of a bite to eat. I gained access to it when I flew business class on Hong Kong Airlines to HKG.

Line at entrance

The lounge is located immediately to the left past security. It has a small unassuming entrance and front desk. There was a line when I went in the am due to all of the flights to Asia leaving around the same time. Some passengers were looking for another airlines’ lounge, some of which are located upstairs adding to the length of the queue. Didn’t take long though and I was in.

Seating in front next to entrance

Lounge size is deceiving from the front. It looks really tiny and unwelcoming, but actually stretches back quite a bit. It’s basically a long narrow lounge, think size and shape of 757 airplane. The design is horrid as it divides up the space and they stuff so many seats into this place you can barely walk.

The space is broken up into 4 rooms. It’s a bit odd and one open space would certainly make the space feel larger and calmer, but it’s not setup that way now. I would recommend the space all the way in the back, this is where the food is, and has the least amount of people walking through since it’s at the end, even though the food is there. I didn’t even see it until I walked 3/4 of the way in. There’s also an odd room on the side next to the restrooms, good to keep the young kids in I suppose.

More crowds in the middle section
Small room to the side
More seating in the rear by the buffet

Once I discovered all of the seating in the back, I hunkered down at the bar seating and grabs a few plates of food. I came right in between the breakfast and lunch offerings, so I had a bit of both.

Surprisingly, the food didn’t look good but tasted pretty good. I came around 11am and they switch to lunch around 1130am, so I was able to see both offerings. In the morning there was A LOT of pound cake, some egg sandwich, sweet and sour sausage mix, white rice, and chicken noodle soup. The sausage looked weird but actually tasted decent. The chicken noodle soup was good, and had a good amount of noodles, carrots, and chicken.

The lunch offering was a lot more normal and tasted pretty awesome. Penna pasta and meatballs looked basic but was some of the best meatballs I’ve had in ages. Pasta also was fairly al dente and not totally overcooked and mushy as it usually is on a buffet table. The grilled veggies were, well, grilled veggies. It was nice to see a healthy cooked option for vegetarians and those trying to get their daily allowance.

Decently tasting pasta, and yummy meatballs

There’s also a salad bar if you’re into salads, but it didn’t look too spectacular, so no picture.

Alcoholics head here

A full bar offering was available to anyone and would be a nice place to get liquored up on the cheap. They had a bunch of beers too, and not just some super cheap beers. They had Anchor Steam from SF, or 1607 Kronenburg from France.

Cup Noodles for the Asians

Overall the SFO Air France KLM lounge is perfectly sufficient, albeit crowded, so not as relaxing as a lounge should be. Will be perfectly fine for a short visit, including decent food and drinks, just don’t plan on hanging out here for hours or it’ll feel claustrophobic.

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